SAP Business ByDesign: The Best Cloud ERP to Help Your Business Grow Today and Tomorrow

  • 23 August 2021
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The need for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is felt as businesses grow, requiring advanced and smart ERP which can facilitate business with advanced capabilities of integrations, localization, extensibility and support for international locations and operations.  For businesses with a high growth outlook and looking to quickly scale up their business processes, relying on manual or even legacy ERP can be stifling, as it cannot provide them with the insights and analysis at the required speed and depth. Further, there are limitations on what level of ERP system they can employ, rightly determined by the technological capacities inherent to the business, the financial resources they are willing to expand, and other concerns. 

This is where SAP Business ByDesign comes into play. The versatile SAP solution can be deployed easily and get businesses on a high growth track as per their planned strategy. A system suitable for mid-sized businesses, SAP Business ByDesign’s biggest advantage is that it is a completely cloud-based solution that integrates data from all aspects of a business in one platform and provides ready to use analytics for action. SAP BYD allows you to access the best features of ERP systems while leveraging the benefits of a cloud-based environment. 

Being on the Cloud: Low Total Cost Of Ownership 

SAP BYD stands apart from other SAP products owing to its out-of-the-box and industry-specific functionality. Companies in over 130 countries run their business on SAP Business ByDesign.  This is made possible by the cloud infrastructure powering SAP BYD. You pay for the service you receive and not the underlying software infrastructure, allowing the SAP BYD to be priced competitively. SAP BYD also has a quick implementation time The entire solution is designed with flexibility,  adaptability, and scalability in mind, making it a solid cloud offering. 

Remote Access  

If the number one advantage of the cloud is cost-effectiveness, the close runner-up is the flexibility it renders to a business. Often customers using SAP Business ByDesign have multiple businesses running. SAP BYD has the intelligent capabilities to help your business grow today and shape tomorrow. No matter the size of your company, you have supply chain management, finance management, procurement solutions, and more to meet your fast growing business needs. This eases the remote working world and also opens up opportunities for geographical expansion, which were infeasible before. 

Power working through business process intelligent integration

SAP BYD can revolutionise how your business operates through its seamless integration capabilities. Instead of relying on separate softwares for the CRM, HRM, FICO, SCM or PMO needs, SAP Business ByDesign brings all under one umbrella. Data from different streams of your operations, including supply chain and strategic planning, purchases, manufacturing and control, human resources, marketing and sales, and financial management to a single platform. The time savings from switching between applications and the need to generate compatible reports can free managers to focus on their strategic tasks.

SAP Business ByDesign fuels your growth

All features of SAP BYD listed above, including cost-effectiveness, locational flexibility, and intelligent integration are designed to steer businesses in their growth path. However, growing businesses need more than these benefits. SAP BYD’s unique dashboards with an easy-to-navigate interface does just that. It provides the clients with real-time access to their data and analytics that can be effectively understood and used in decision making. If you serve a highly volatile market where decisions need to be taken quickly, these analytics can put you ahead of your competition and boost your profits. 

Last but not least, when businesses expand, your number of employees increases in tandem. SAP BYD has a thoughtful range of <min> to <max> users that allows you to empower your valuable employees with the data and insights they need to put their best steps. 

SAP Business ByDesign is a smart and cloud-based ERP that foresees the needs of mid-sized growing businesses with a cost-effective solution that can power them through their dynamic growth phase. If your business fits this scope, this SaaS-based ERP will empower your business ‘by design.’

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