Is Legacy Software Disrupting Your Holidays or Weekend time?

  • 05 September 2019
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If you’re relying on homegrown or legacy software that is making your everyday tasks troublesome, you would not enjoy your holiday season as you want it to be. There will always be something running in your mind even during the holiday or weekend. Disconnected and fragmented applications and manual errors or spreadsheets can turn into a nightmare and ruin your leisure and “Me Time”.   

What if your homegrown system could do more than you believed? What if it could not just automate accounting tasks, but also helps you gain a detailed insight of your business with facts and figures? What if your sales team can have all the details on the move and focus more on the profitable leads?

This holiday season and weekends, give your business the gift it deserves for a seamless and sustainable tomorrow.

Your homegrown software or excel sheets may not be equipped to keep the momentum that the business world is facing today. A business solution devised exclusively for SMEs and growing companies called SAP Business One is all that you need to manage your accounting, sales, procurement, finance, inventory and customer relationships. 

Let’s find more such compelling reasons where we can cherish or spend more quality time without worrying about any data loss, data entry flaws or any misplacement of data or bias opinions or decisions based on instincts and mere guesswork. We have enterprise-ready SAP Business One for you to let you stay at peace. 

Let’s talk about more such capabilities that this amazing ERP software holds for your business. 

1. Set the stage for sustainable growth

As you gain a 360 view of your business, it becomes easier to generate reports on an ad-hoc basis and analyze stock-out situations, predict sales forecast, manage warehouse operations, and boost customer satisfaction with real-time information in detail. The insights which SAP Business One reflects are immensely helpful to all sales, admin, finance, IT and other departments. The software also empowers you to know when is the right time to expand your product offerings or make an international move. SAP Business One sets the perfect stage for growth but provided you have engaged the right SAP Business One ERP partner like Uneecops from the beginning. 

2. No need to deep dive into details

Do you spend more time hunting for information that can be easily available otherwise? Time is key, we all know it. You would not want to spend your valuable time hunting information that can be found in minutes. If strategic thinking is taking a backseat, it’s time to revisit software you are using and embrace the next-gen intelligent ERP software.

3. One-stop solution

SAP Business one is a business management software which takes care of each business verticals such as finance, sales, manufacturing, procurement, inventory, and human resources, among others. When you have a comprehensive solution in place, there is no need to invest in multiple applications. A single software can tell you what is available in stock, which order is pending, what are your prospective leads, what is your current financial status, which stock needs to be allocated to a customer. If your software doesn’t provide that clarity, it’s time to give an upgrade. 

4. Saves you from unwanted theft and data breach

Every news reports on the data breach send you in a matter of confusion and leave you in a state of apprehension that it could happen to your business too. Your software must be really good but is it secure enough from data breach or theft? You sleep worrying about malware attacks, security breaches, and fraud. The idea of your valuable data being stolen or lost give you jitters and send you wrong signals that your business data may be compromised or may be lost somewhere. SAP Business One whether it is on-premise or on-cloud is a secure, robust and competent software that helps you gain mission-critical tasks easier with no compromise on quality and security.  

Your holiday and weekend time is your “me time” which you would like to spend with yourself, your friends or family without being lost in the intricacies of managing your business and the limitations of your excel sheets or legacy software. There’s a software in a place that is not only awesome to use but is also affordable and action-packed to manage all your business functions with ease.  

Nidhi Batra

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