Digitizing Retail Organizations with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

  • 31 August 2022
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SAP s4 Hana For Retail

Online or Offline – people always do shopping! The retailers are the first point of contact for all customers. Much of their effort is ‘how to make the retail experience great?’ As per a SAP Performance Benchmarking report, 73% of retail businesses consider it important to deliver fun, relevant, and convenient customer experiences tailored to each customer’s sentiment, history, and choices. SAP S/4HANA Cloud transforms shopping experiences across every retail channel. It allows retailers to take advantage of emerging technology innovations to usher in new opportunities.


It is a new era of buying and selling.

What worked yesterday can not guarantee success today.

Retail businesses of all kinds have to leverage the ability to personalize offerings to customers’ purchasing preferences and habits. Retail automation enhances the customer experience. It includes convenience of cashless checkout or the ability to test products virtually.

As customer expectations evolve, retailers are turning to AI and automation to make the customer experience more customized and convenient.

And retail automation is not just being adept at benefiting customers. It is about business management efficiency.

Optimising experiences along the customer journey is the key to next-gen retail management. An intelligent ERP software is just the answer we’re seeking.

ERP for Retail industry: Process innovation to create efficiency and enhance customer experience with SAP S/4Hana Cloud

ERP facilitates the imperative for retail and consumer products companies to digitize. Between labour uncertainties, rising production costs, fragile supply chains, and ever-changing customer expectations, ERP for retail industry helps delight customers at every turn.

Introducing AI-based SAP S/4HANA Cloud – The Intelligent ERP Software for Retail Digital Transformation

Embedded AI, analytics, intelligent process automation, in-memory database, simplified data model, and consumer-grade UX make SAP S4 Hana Cloud the next-gen, in-demand ERP for retail industry.

From planning store layouts and supply stocking to optimizing forecasts, AI-powered ERP implementation helps you take a smarter approach to almost everything in retail.

There is more.

Retail businesses enjoy more benefits for SAP S4 Hana Cloud implementation. Beyond technology, the ERP facilitates retail organizations to provide fantastic in-store, online and mobile experiences.

Makes retail efficient and agile

Understand every aspect of your business processes and drive your company in real-time. Quickly adapt to evolving retail needs and trends and efficiently leverage new revenue opportunities.

Real-time information

SAP S/4HANA Cloud allows store executives and managers to cater to customers effectively. It provides up-to-the-minute client and sales data and actionable insights.

Deliver superior shopping experiences

Have a consistent view of products, keep supplies managed at all times and offer value-based services to customers with connected processes.

Now, SAP S/4HANA Cloud can reduce costs, improve agility, and increase customer satisfaction by acting as a single source of truth, combined with orchestration across retail systems.

Accessible anytime, anywhere, the ERP for retail industry is a boon for any and every business.

Let us take a look at the benefits for SAP S4 Hana Cloud in a nutshell:

  • Store manager dashboards
  • Real-time shopping insights
  • Seamless omnichannel store management
  • Click and collect options
  • Real-time product look-ups, inventory and RFID-powered stock movements
  • Centralised data management
  • Retail sales and demand forecasting
  • Merchandise and assortment planning
  • Customer-focused merchandise management
  • Assortment management
  • Connect to your suppliers effectively
  • Global data synchronisation
  • Omnichannel price and promotion data
  • Retail supply chain management
  • Verticalized retail business with complete store retailing on one platform

As you prep for SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP implementation, a guiding team can help you navigate challenges and drive success.

Lead the Retail Revolution with Uneecops Business Solutions

Anticipate shifts in consumer preferences and take action rapidly to boost your market and wallet shares.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP implementation does this and much more.

SAP S/4HANA simplifies business processes. This helps analyze trends faster and predict the results of strategic options.

As a SAP S/4HANA Cloud partner, UBS deploys the next-generation intelligent ERP system and helps retail businesses achieve 360* digital transformation. We support retailers end-to-end – with ERP implementation, cloud hosting, and managed services.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud streamlines planning and execution. This allows retail organizations to reinvent business models, drive new revenues and profits. Are you ready to be a part of the UBS-powered retail revolution? Talk to our experts for a demo!

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