Is SAP Business ByDesign Right For Your Business

  • 05 September 2022
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SAP business bydesign for business

Every fast-growing business wants to automate. Also, every business wants to scale and succeed without the complexity or cost. The good news is that now, both things are possible!. Business management, digital transformation and 360* automation have become a reality with SAP Business ByDesign – an integrated business management software designed to help mid-sized businesses run better.

It is one single application – a low-cost solution for businesses that seek enhanced functionality and an in-memory database in their budget.

This cloud ERP solution offers the functional capability of a business management solution on a large scale without the need for an expensive IT infrastructure and servers.

So, whether you are a functional lead working in a multinational company or any finance leader, SAP Business ByDesign helps manage your payables and receivables, sales pipeline, accounts for multiple operating units, currencies, taxes and expenses and streamline period-end closing.

While most leaders are aware of this ‘wonder’ business management tool, what gets confusing is determining if the software is right for your organization.

Let us understand SAP Business ByDesign in detail to understand this.

Suppose you want to view your entire manufacturing operation, increase customer loyalty, accurately forecast sales and demand or improve supply chain collaboration. In that case, you have SAP Business ByDesign software to unify all core functions in an end-to-end business suite. With all the enhanced capabilities of SAP Business ByDesign for each business function, it is imperative to gain an understanding of who SAP Business ByDesign is meant for.

Who is it for?

If some of the following characteristics sound like your company, you’re probably set for SAP Business ByDesign implementation.

Annual revenue between $25 million and $500 million 100- 150 employees or more Operating globally (or planning in the near future)
Growing fast Evolving business model (either strategically or due to external factors) Is a new subsidiary
Needs a secure business platform) Underwent a change in the business model Seeks funding and needs an IT system that can scale
Recently received venture funding Recently was acquired or merged/acquired a competitor  

Your niche also matters – whether it is retail, manufacturing, FMCG, Food & Beverage, trading, or any other business.

Let us touch base on a few key benefits of the cloud-based ERP for diverse industry verticals.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is prone to rapid supply chain complexities, market conditions, intense competition from global markets and compliance. Manufacturers face huge challenges in enhancing speed and efficiency. To stay ahead of the marketing curve, spreadsheets or any homegrown software will not be enough. You need enterprise-ready software to manage and respond to the tune of market challenges. With SAP ByD implementation, it is easy to improve manufacturing operations with real-time information. You can meet compliance standards, gain high inventory and stock visibility, align supply, production and demand areas, view capacity allocations, manage multi-level production scheduling, and improve your client service anytime and anywhere.

Finance Industry

New financial regulations, repeated financial tasks, compliance needs, intense invoicing work and changing customer dynamics have prompted the finance industry to digitise. This, along with the need to manage complex law and tax regulations, accounts payables and receivables, asset management, and collection, has called the necessity for digitization. The conventional finance departments working in silos do not work anymore. The future is a digitally empowered and smart finance function.

SAP Business ByDesign eliminates today’s business needs of finance, simplifies all critical processes, and speeds up business decisions. With SAP Business ByDesign mobile features, you can glance at your key performance indicators, make quick decisions, and analyse capital, assets, expenses, risk and financial performance.

Retail Industry

With dynamic markets, tight margins and heightened customer expectations, relying solely on guesswork and legacy systems is not feasible to drive business success and meet customer demands. Mega mall managers and mega retail chain retailers are investing in cloud ERP solution software to meet the complex needs of the industry.

SAP Business ByDesign is an intelligent and advanced ERP solution that streamlines order fulfilment activities, manages vital aspects of warehouse and inventory management, and keeps track of your retail business anytime and anywhere. Moreover, with embedded business intelligence, the retail industry can identify which store has out-of-stock hurdles, track every item efficiently with serial number and batch tracking features, and much more.

F&B industry

Consumer buying patterns highly influence the food and beverage industry. Think about the in-demand trends such as high demands for fresh meals, strict compliance and regulations and meeting the dynamic and complex challenges of the food and beverage industry. The advanced cloud ERP solution helps the F&B industry to view and track supply chain information, maintain the recipe formulations and reformulations, automate workflows and ensure products are labelled as per their nutritional value. To stay competitive, it is vital to leave behind the legacy software and digitize your operations for managing expiry dates, record management, prediction and planning, and so much more.

To conclude

Irrespective of your industry, you will gain major business benefits from SAP Business ByDesign ERP and drive profitable growth.

What’s more, you can opt for SAP Business ByDesign customisation to adopt the software per your unique requirements. Uneecops Business Solutions (UBS) is a SAP ByD implementation and SAP Business ByDesign customisation partner. We are Asia’s #1 SAP Business One partner offering SAP ByD ERP for big company and SMEs.

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