How a partner can help your move to the ERP cloud?

  • 20 August 2019
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Moving your business operations to the cloud can bring a host of challenges and opportunities at the same time. End users can get upended by frequent updates or so. But, with the guidance of an experienced Cloud ERP partner, you can navigate the cloud journey seamlessly without any hiccups. The right partner can help advance your journey to the cloud from every standpoint and help your business to get started as business needs evolve. Without the right direction and help, it is easy to get impatient along the way. So, we’ve tried to cover how the right ERP partner can help. 

Ensure seamless updation 

Your experienced partner can help you with frequent cloud updates. These partners ensure that all your updates are carried out flawlessly. Even if your cloud solution is carried by some other third party, you can still seek the help of other partners to ensure timely updates. The best part with cloud ERP is that you need not have to wait for months for upgradation. With ERP cloud, you can get richer functionality in the less possible time. 

Implementing smart and bite-sized portions 

Many business owners and decision-makers feel daunted by the fact that they need to carry out the entire operations in the cloud. This would mean migrating the entire data to the cloud. But, thankfully cloud offers the options of flexible engagements. It allows companies to move as they scale or their needs evolve. For instance, you can move your general ledger first and then focus on migrating accounts payable and other valuables later.  

Such flexible deployments make things easier. The best you can do, if the partner is not meeting your expectations in terms of performance or for any other reason, you can consult any other partner to deploy the rest. However, it is recommended to search the partner well in advance so that you need not have to switch between the partner. Such flexibility will also keep a check on your partner and he will always be at your best service all the time.  

Provide a clear up-front understanding

One thing that often comes in between the successful navigation to cloud is the fear of losing out on important data. A perfect partner will clear the path of confusion and guide you as how embarking on cloud is much safer and secure. With added security and disaster recovery plans, the cloud is highly secure than it was perceived earlier. Uneecops, for example, nearly always sways away all the conflicts and solve problems along the way. 

Create a strategic roadmap

There are multifarious ways partners can simplify the journey to the cloud. Perhaps most importantly, when they can carve a strategic plan and roadmap to help you in the entire journey. They will help you decide what is the best time to make a move to cloud ERP, what model should you deploy, and when is the right time. With 300+ ERP implementations all together and many in the pipeline, Uneecops is all specialized in this strategic planning and creating a strategic roadmap.   

When you’re seeking a cloud partner, make sure they’re not just focused on your current requirements but also the future one. Finally, look for those partners who can offer ongoing cloud support services so that you need not have to worry about your data being lost or for any contingencies in the future. From typically everything to doing transactions in mobile to scanning mails or so, we are surrounded by the cloud. Cloud is an awesome journey but you need to have the right partner like Uneecops by your side.   

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