How City and Gas Industry benefits from SAP Business One?

  • 27 November 2020
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Gas Industry benefits

The impact of digitization is a topic of wide interest for city and gas leaders. The city and gas industry is replete with unprecedented challenges right from engineering to the maintenance of pipeline layouts, quality control maintenance and reducing errors in daily gas compression details. City and gas companies need to confront key issues on multiple fronts as the global economy slowly picks up momentum from a hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic: from resuming operations and ensuring employee wellbeing to managing frontline challenges. 

In these tumultuous times, automating your business with smart and intelligent ERP such as SAP Business One has become a linchpin of the long-term strategy for city and gas players. Organizations that hold innovation as a core value are better positioned to stay resilient in this uncertain and fast-evolving time. So, if you are one of the City and Gas companies who want to manage complex business challenges and streamline all business processes, SAP Business One is the one best ERP to go about.  

Let’s see how we can address some of the most complex challenges of the City and Gas industry with SAP Business One.  

Customer Management

SAP Business One helps you manage everything seamlessly. From PNG Status (re-activated, temporary disconnection, permanent disconnection), meter number, billing cycle keep a record of meter allocation & its history. View replacement management and record Adhar number verification, verify documents (Application Form, Proof of Id, Proof of Address), customer approvals, MGO/Non-MGO linking, and BG linking with customers.

Automate everything with a single software such as bulk uploading of customers from excel CRM portal/Mobile app for customer registration. 

Sales Automation and Billing

Auto calculates gas price calculation, bulk domestic billing, price slab calculation, customer-based invoice cycle, and minimum and maximum charges easily with SAP Business One. Streamlines sales and billing processes which used to be cumbersome with the legacy system. 

Daily CNG Gas Purchase & Sales Management  

Get dispenser-wise daily sales capturing, cash & credit sales, cash reconciliation, LCV, compression and daily cash and quantity reconciliation as per different fuel station/city wise. Monitor daily reading, transmitter flow and daily sales recording with SAP Business One.  

Management of Pipeline layouts

Manage pipeline distribution & connection, GI pipeline distribution & connection, steel pipelined distribution & connection with a single software. Track contractor detail and stage-based payment & status.

Customer Complaint Management

Register customer complaint seamlessly in the smart software. Get a service call log from the mobile app and allocate tickets to concerned team members. Manage complaint resolution and get an auto-notification to the customer. Launch customer complaint portal and service Mobile App. 

Payment Collection Management

Maintain a record of bulk draft bill generation for customers, approval of draft bills & final submission of bills and late payment calculation with an advanced ERP. Manage adjustment in the next bill, ease bulk payment, check uploading from excel, manage bulk payment posting, send auto-reminder to customers from a single software. Automate the process of payment with bulk incoming payment for invoices and bulk incoming payment for a security deposit.

The city and gas industry is fraught with challenges from recording contractor detail and stage-based payment & status, tracking GAS station like dispenser maintenance, machine and maintenance schedule, daily cash reconciliation, daily dispenser reading, and evaluating item based parameterized (GAS Kit) and GAS compassed quality. To stay profitable and resilient, the city and gas distribution industry will need the power of digitization to manage their multiple and dispersed business units.  

Uneecops can be your partner of choice in simplifying your journey of SAP Business One implementation. We have specially designed add-on custom-built for City and Gas industry to meet your exact business needs.     

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