How Cloud-Based ERP helps your fast-growing Business Perform Better?

  • 25 November 2020
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Moving to Cloud ERP

The benefits of ERP are well established. It reduces manual touchpoints, gives a 360 view of your business, streamlines business processes, and mitigates the probabilities of risk and errors. And, when we talk about Cloud ERP a wave of energy comes back in the ERP conversation. Cloud ERP helps businesses breathe life into the legacy system with the power of flexibility, innovation, auto-updates, and lower TCO.  The best part? Cloud ERP renders you high data security, maintenance and maximum uptime. This makes moving to the cloud even more worth considering. 

Let’s discuss the power of having cloud ERP in your business. 

Faster Implementation

A fully customized on-premise ERP usually takes a year or less to implement successfully. Fast, agile, and innovative are the characteristics to stay ahead of the curve. Any business that takes literal years to automate its business processes has already lost to its competitors. A cloud-based ERP solution mitigates all these hassle. Since the Cloud ERP doesn’t involve in-house servers or require heavy infrastructure,  it’s a lot easier to minimize business disruption while the solution gets on its feet.

Further, subsequent updates are all possible and less wearisome with Cloud based version. You can run updates in the background without any business interruption or upheaval.  Worries about data backup processes are no longer a problem. Uneecops as your ERP partner can manage these all. 

Reduced Cost

An on-premise ERP often requires the supporting staff to run and maintain it. You also need the supporting hardware and extra servers to provide the computing power that ERP software needs to run optimally. That’s a lot to ask for, especially for small companies. 

Cloud-based ERP on the other hand helps you minimize costs with a flat-rate monthly fee. An ERP provider can ease the burden of maintaining and running software successfully without any additional costs. This will be much friendlier to your budget.

Mobile Access

Cloud-based ERP is often considered more mobile-friendly than on-premise solutions. This renders flexibility that today’s business needs. With a cloud-based solution, you can view critical business information anytime and anywhere beyond the four walls of your business from any device. Additionally, a cloud-based solution can integrate seamlessly with other mobile APIs, for reporting and analytics, making it more easier and interesting to access information. 

Improve business resilience

On-premise ERP has some shortcomings when responding to dynamic changes. Upgrading the system takes longer. In contrast, cloud ERP is updated without any complexity and business disruption, rendering you the new functionality as soon as it’s available. Designed for all size businesses, Cloud ERP is scalable and helps businesses to remain resilient, agile and innovative especially in this Covid-19 situation, when it is needed the most.

Supports work from home concept

Working from home isn’t something new. But now, it is no longer a perk but a necessity for many businesses. Most on-premise systems are not configured for remote users to access business information easily at any point in time, making it complex for employees to do their jobs effectively. Cloud ERP breaks down all these complexities and help employees connect from anywhere in the world. With a single sign-on from any device, you can access the smart ERP and work securely from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

ERP solutions can transform your SMEs and large enterprises, but we’ve known that for decades. The cloud, however, infuses new life into that old ERP.  Ease of implementation, anytime, anywhere visibility, pay-as-you-go model, and easy scalability are enough to reinstate the importance of Cloud ERP. Enterprise resource planning is a cutting-edge conversation again and all thanks to ERP Cloud.    

Let’s Talk

The benefits of Cloud ERP are clear and profound. Uneecops has implemented cloud-based ERP for over 18+ industry verticals. Consult our team for a one-on-one conversation.   

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