How ERP completes the supply chain business

  • 08 October 2015
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Entrepreneurs in the logistics industry have always grappled about the dilemma of choosing between an ERP process and targeted solutions. However, ERP vendors are gradually getting more traction in the supply chain business. According to a study by Gartner, modern day shippers show a ‘strong tendency’ towards ERP based logistics solutions. ERP of the future will be largely shaped by the customers using it. The vendor response will include a richer and fuller supply chain capability that is specialized and integrated tailored options to stand against the best of the breed standalone service providers.

Using a supply chain ERP software can significantly enhance the performance of logistics management by improving inventory control, purchasing and internal communication between the various departments. So how does ERP software for a small business such as logistics help the cause?

  • Understanding system shortcomings

To grow as a logistics business, it is crucial to be able to identify the changes required in the current system. Is your software outdated? Do the ERP software lack features that would have helped you further increase throughput and performance? A well qualified and experienced ERP software company will be able to help you sort out these issues. Seek our specialized professionals who have thorough industry knowledge in logistics.

  • Starting in the boardroom

Boardroom discussions get so much easier and positively propelled when supported by ERP software for logistics. With all the various database collated and analyzed in a single platform, it becomes easier to make decisions based upon it. ERP software for logistics would give you full reports on how your supply chain is performing and the trends it has been showing. Mapping through ERP too can better support inventory management and movement and stock of goods.

  • Strong internal communication

With everything being updated onto the database in real time, logistics businesses can experience a stark improvement in man hours. The entire team is immediately updated about any ongoing and completed event, reducing missed communications. On the customer side, being able to track shipping is a great advantage and this is a proven way for service providers to build trust.

  • Regular evaluation

Finally, ERP software for logistics allows periodical evaluation of business processes and the changes in demands and work load.

If you are looking to diversify your supply chain, reach out to a trusted ERP software service provider for small business.

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