Increasing efficiency of your dairy business with ERP implementation

  • 20 October 2015
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India is among the largest milk producers in the world. Current production engages tens of thousands of families across the rural and urban landscape. However, despite the opportunities, the Indian dairy industry faces several challenges in procurement, processing, supply, storage and overall management. Businesses involved in the dairy industry should start focusing on the means to increasing efficiency, ensuring compliance and reducing the cost across the supply chain. To overcome the current barriers in the largely unorganized daily supply chain, ERP can be an effective solution.

Features you should be looking for in ERP software for dairy management:

Milk procurement is largely dependent on the co-operative societies established in the rural areas. While the locations and functionalities are scattered, ERP will help properly define the addresses, best routes, registration dates, bank accounts, memberships, collection time, collection amount and other things. These things in your ERP dashboard should make it easier to manage the procurement process.

  • The best ERP software for dairy management should be able to come up with the best routes and minimum distances to be covered by calculating distances, truck arrival times, transporter’s details, location of facilities, etc.
  • Transporter’s details including the route they cover, vehicle details, expected time of pickup, expected time of delivery, contact information etc.
  • Easy database for milk receipt quantity along with details like SNF and Fat content.
  • Details of quality control and milk segregation lists.
  • Society – wise details of billing
  • Consumption of packaging materials.
  • Milk wastage statistics
  • Supply details – amount of milk shipped and supplied to all distributors.

There are several other elements that complete a dairy establishment. While ERP will make your life easier, the process should also start with finding the best ERP partners in India that can create a customized solution. ERP partners experienced with the dairy manufacturing and logistics process would be helping you out in crafting a solution that takes care of everything. With everything being done and calculated automatically, manufacturers will also be able to reduce the risks associated with ‘human errors’. Overall, if your dairy business is growing, ask for the best ERP software for dairy management.

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