How important is testing for a successful SAP implementation?

  • 22 March 2016
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A comprehensive testing process is critical to the success of your SAP implementation. Here are some pointers that you must consider while defining your testing program.

List of Business Processes: You must prepare a comprehensive list of business processes that are key pain areas. Test ALL of these processes with the SAP system to ensure that your business needs are well met by the ERP.

Deviation Testing: All processes have some exception scenarios. While the system may not able to handle peculiar cases without customization, it MUST have checks and balances in place to identify deviations from standard processes. Test the system with all possible If-Then-Else scenarios to ensure a seamless workflow.

Hello-Hi testing: Most SAP implementations bring different departments together and make them talk to each other effectively. When you are testing you SAP system, make sure that all cross departmental integration is in place and the info flows perfectly.

UAT: It is imperative that the users who have to use and run the system are comfortable with it. All users must prepare their check lists and do a complete end to end testing of the system.

Testing is a time consuming process, but make sure that you do not cut corners. Quality time spent on testing can go a long way in saving you from unforeseen glitches.

What other testing steps have you used? Share your suggestions with us!

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