How Legacy ERP can hold your Business Back?

  • 04 December 2020
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Legacy ERP

These days, more and more businesses are giving serious thought to replacing their legacy ERP. They have finally realized how maintaining a complex patchwork of legacy systems just isn’t worth doing. Most importantly, it is complex to keep pace with the changing dynamics of business. Meanwhile, new development and enhancements in next-gen ERP such as SAP Business One have made this more compelling than ever. 

Further, your company can land into “version-lock,” with an aging ERP.  Faced with the outgrown risk of rigidity cost and resource requirements, you will find yourself in a complex muddle. While your legacy ERP has your business stuck in quicksand, the reality is that your competitors are relying on smart and intelligent ERP to keep pace with the changing business landscape. 

This blog looks at the challenges that your business might confront when using legacy ERP. 

Inhibitor of growth and flexibility 

Legacy ERPs are often inflexible, complex, and expensive to maintain. In the majority of cases, even a small change and customization may cause mysterious problems to pop up in other systems. So, if you as a business contemplating a move into new geographies and new product lines, you will need a robust and enterprise-ready ERP such as SAP Business One which is highly flexible and extensible.  

Drain Innovation 

Take a fresh look at the aging, version-locked ERP you are using right now, and examine whether it supports innovation.  In contrast, SAP Business One Cloud fosters innovation at heart.  You can respond to rapid change in real-time with the SAP cloud platform. While in the case of legacy ERP this all seems like a battle. Agility, security, innovation, cost-effectiveness and scalability should be at the top of your mind while working to ensure success in this competitive world.  

Mobile workforce battle with outdated ERP 

Today’s employees are increasingly tech-savvy and they have zero patience for the complexities and bottlenecks that often come along with outdated ERPs. They need 24/7 visibility and an easy-to-use ERP that can be accessed anytime anywhere. The millennial generation demands an ERP that can render useful information on the go. But, your current legacy ERP system is often designed to work within an office environment. It may lack the flexibility, agility and mobility that a millennial workforce needs at any cost.  

Risking compliance 

Legacy systems simply weren’t designed to keep momentum with today’s high regulatory and compliance changes. For instance, the accounting and finance departments are in constant flux as the Government changes their fiscal policy. These all put grave pressure on your business. An out-of-date ERP is simply not designed to accommodate these changes. Maintaining compliance would mean resorting back to spreadsheets and manual calculations. This would again mean you lose precious time, energy and data integrity. And when you’re constantly relying on excel sheets, you’re prone to errors, risks and potential legal problems.

Not meant for lean business

Can your ERP handle all your key procurement, inventory, and warehouse functions effortlessly? Can you track all sales opportunities and lead activities throughout the sales cycle? Can you improve your business planning and audit review processes with your stone age ERP? If not, then it’s time to invest in a globally accepted ERP. SAP Business One is designed for lean businesses. It automates various business functions and empowers you to make smart and confident decisions faster and make it instantly available company-wide. 

Missing Out On Cloud Features and Benefits

Cloud ERP renders enterprise-grade functionality which an outdated ERP often lacks. Built for competitive growth, Cloud ERP gives unprecedented visibility to view business information anytime, anywhere. What makes cloud ERP as impressive- is its key benefits of quick deployment, pay-per-use model,  flexibility, innovation, auto-updates, little to no system maintenance, cost savings and low TCO.

There’s always a risk of getting left behind with legacy ERP. In today’s business environment, businesses can’t afford to run their business in a legacy mode. They need the agility, new features and functionalities, auto-update support, robust security, in-built BI, localization, language features and new capabilities to help their business run on a global scale. 

Get in touch with Uneecops today and accelerate your move towards smart and lean business.

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