How Tableau makes an impact across industries?

  • 02 December 2020
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If you believe, you can measure the pace of change. Think twice. You may completely miss the picture without having keen insights heading your way. You may appear shortsighted even if you are perceived as the smartest on the block. If we look at the past, we will know how Netflix initially just had 30,000 subscribers and how it evolved into a tech giant with more than 150 million subscribers globally. The other example, Nokia 3310 was a cutting-edge phone at that time is replaced by smartphones and is barely remember now. Such is the pace of innovation and dynamism we are experiencing today. 

Looking Ahead

What will the next 10 years unfold for us? The expected flying cars are no closer. But people and businesses won’t stop their predictions. The only way to move closer to the big successful brands like Netflix, Google and other leading giants is to tap into the power of data and stay informed. It is an era of agility and businesses can’t afford to lose out on their competition. Customers want timely deliveries and personalized offers matching their expectations with no room for errors. This mandates all businesses to play smart and invest in some robust business intelligence tools such as Tableau to understand data and learn customer behavior very quickly.

Organizations worldwide use Tableau to make data-driven decisions quickly and confidently.

Manufacturing Industry 

Transform your business with fact-based decisions. Tableau software empowers you to meet the demands of modern customers. By gaining operational insights, manufacturers can-

  • Improve supply chain agility 
  • Gain real-time insight into how manufacturing lines are operating on a micro and macro scale
  • Use predictive insights to lay smart decisions 
  • Perform market analysis and replenishment strategies 
  • Uncover bottlenecks in the supply chain

Finance Industry 

The finance industry can greatly benefit from Tableau software in terms of saving precious time that could be spent on in-depth analysis, forecasting and- 

  • Identify financial frauds
  • Drill down into cash details 
  • Uncover market trends easily and make decisions easily supported by facts and figures
  • Perform deeper analysis, asking and answering questions as you go
  • Take your analysis to the next level with self-service analytics

Highway and Toll Industry 

Tableau software is deployed by concessionaires, road developers, authorities or operators to make- 

  • Weekly/Daily Target Vs Actual Trend analysis 
  • Vehicle/Lane wise Traffic or Revenue analysis 
  • Loss in revenue –Vehicle type wise (Exemption) analysis 
  • Vehicle Repetition (Frequent/Non-Frequent) analysis
  • Calendar month revenue analysis

Retail Industry 

The retail industry is gleaning new insights from self-service BI tools such as-  

  • Store-wise (Net Sales, Collection & Outstanding) analysis 
  • Year on year comparison sales and profitability analysis 
  • What-if analysis as per business growth, churn rate and additive rate 
  • Day by Day comparison for any selective Month/Store or Region

Food and Beverage Industry 

The food and beverage industry can greatly benefit from- 

  • Sub-brand wise sales analysis 
  • Stock analysis 
  • No. of Stores (Core, Non-Core, New) Meal Time & Day Wise Contribution

on the basis of Sales, Transactions, APC, ADS and ADT

  • Supply chain analysis 
  • Food preference analysis 

Data is the currency and fuel of the new world. It is the driving force of the progressive business. Tableau self-service BI software helps businesses to tap into the power of data to act smarter and resilient. Uneecops is a leading Tableau partner that will help you navigate through Tableau and its dashboards. Clients like Haier, Fab Hotels, World Health Organization and Apollo Munich are a few of our eminent clients using Tableau software.  

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