How SAP Business One can solve manufacturing industry challenges?

  • 30 September 2019
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Ask any manufacturer running a manufacturing unit or multi-specialty manufacturing units about his key priorities, and his reply would be managing batch lots, bin management, time to market, cost reduction and mitigating production flaws, managing raw materials, product costing, purchasing, planning and scheduling, and so much more. 

Precisely, he will distill the pain points into: 

  • Heavy reliance on excel sheets with no single version of the truth 
  • Managing a variety of bills of materials, and multi-level bills of materials
  • Knowing the estimated overhead, labor and material quantities 
  • Avoiding out-of-stock situations
  • Tracking inventory wise, item, warehouse, lot or container wise
  • Making the right material available at the right time

The manufacturing industry, be it discrete or process is the most complex industry as far as the nature and variety of products are concerned. Further, segregation based on chemical, automobile, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, engineering, metals make it more complex, let alone the challenges. 

If you want to survive and thrive, simply producing high-quality products is not enough. The entire industry has undergone a striking change in a short span of time. Successful manufacturers know it’s time to bring the right tools and technology. The majority of manufacturing leaders are held back as they are using either excel sheets or outdated technology.  

That’s where the smart and enterprise-ready software comes in. SAP Business One.

A strong and intelligent ERP consolidates all critical information into one central place and automates all vital business functions. Let’s explore more capabilities as to how SAP Business One for manufacturing is a true asset for all manufacturing brands. 

Inventory Management 

SAP Business One provides accurate and on-time information about inbound and outbound inventory. This helps manufacturers to plan better, monitor stock levels and run out of stock and excess stock situations well in advance. The software also assists in managing stocks at various locations and warehouses and maintain multi level bills of materials (BOMs).  

Production Scheduling 

With SAP Business One software, it is easier to address production scheduling requirements. The software helps to keep a tab on batch lifecycle, capacity allocations and enables you to know the resource availability at the right time.  

Cost Estimations

It’s now easy to prepare estimates for custom manufacturing orders or regular products. This way you will be able to monitor profit margins easily.  

Timely Order Fulfilment

As you gain detailed visibility about inventory as what is lying in the stock, understock and what is available at the moment; it will help you to predict and make realistic promises to your customers.  

Helps resolve issues faster

ERP for manufacturing industry provides a seamless and dedicated customer experience across all channels. The software renders great insights and gives real-time access to service, warranties, contractual terms and helps resolve issues faster.  

Bottom Line

The manufacturing industry has seen a drastic change. Countless complexities and challenges are occurring, and you need to be ready to manage them all. The changing customer expectations, rules and regulations and other advancements have put your competition a mere click away. This means manufacturers need to stay agile and act smarter to build strong relationships with customers. 

Want to know how SAP Business One can help your manufacturing business achieve a high level of success? Partner with Uneecops. Uneecops is Asia’s #1 SAP Business One partner with a satisfying clientele base in manufacturing such as Haryana Leather Chemical Ltd., Marc Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Bakers Circle India Pvt. Ltd, Kensalt Limited and 20+ clientele in manufacturing firm simplifying their business landscape with SAP Business One.

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