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A complete solution for managing the entire gamut of manufacturing processes such as batch costing, production planning, raw material costing, and more industry-wide. Designed for small and mid-sized discrete and process manufacturing companies, this SAP ERP for manufacturing industry can manage every aspect of your manufacturing operations seamlessly.

Find out how Uneecops is enabling manufacturing companies to manage multi requirements of their business with an easy-to-use & all-in-one SAP Business One manufacturing.

Features of SAP Business One for Manufacturing

Meet your industry challenges with cloud-based manufacturing ERP software.

Machine Planning Processes

Reduce overspending and inefficiencies throughout the entire production process. Increase cost-savings as you plan better with accurate resources and machine planning processes with SAP Business One for manufacturing industry.

Warehouse Management

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and maintain cost-effective production with advanced warehouse and bin location tracking. Manufacturing ERP software helps effortlessly track stock movements, improve delivery time & reduce stock-outs.

APPP (Articulated Production Planning Process)

Includes discrete manufacturing. This will be well integrated with PLC (Product Life Cycle) stages autonomously as well as merged with interdependent processes.

The ING’s Processes

The additive, casting, imaging, molding, forming, machining, joining and other related processes run via SAP Business One platform and Uneecops’s specially designed add-ons.

(IIRM) Information Integration & Response Module

The processes are tapped via specific add-ons and configuration processes which enables the unhindered flow of information at various departments. This includes SMS, eMail etc.

Production Project Management

Always in the know of all projects with real-time, cross-functional reporting including manufacturing and logistics management, cost accounting, controlling, and more.

Actual costs and estimates

Easily calculate profit margins with inbuilt functionality and supported add-ons. An analytical inbuilt in SAP Business One facilitates the predictions on machine and resources.

Key Product Costings

The availability of structured data and values (material masters, BOM, routing, system driven pricing, real-time calculation engine HANA) with integrated figures makes it possible to get the best out of production, inventory, engineering and all-rounded costs.

Quality control

Since SAP Business One uses preset configurations it’s easy to monitor the quality based on international standards which include generating the certificates and labels automatically.

Dashboard cockpit

Get the much-needed visibility and control at work with SAP B1 Dashboard. Visualize your business data, drill down into critical processes and make informed decisions with SAP Business One for manufacturing industry.

Planning and consumption

With “over-the-shelf-availability” of material and resources, amalgamated with the best practices, it is possible to plan JIT, FIFO while maintaining the optimum use of the same. This includes lead times, transferring schedules, capacities of machine, resources, BOMs and Batches to name a few.

Endemic Production Cycle

Niche area where a typical process is used to accommodate specific requirements that are unique to the production. ERP for manufacturing companies helps gain end-to-end visibility across production processes while adhering to quality and safety.

Choosing Manufacturing ERP - Why Do You Need It?

The face of the manufacturing industry is facing the increasing complexity, production processes, adoption of new laws, new advances in raw materials, space constraints and product life cycles. With the growing number of laws and strict compliance and a number of industry regulations and increasing customer expectations, manufacturing companies face intense numerous challenges.

Apart from these ongoing challenges one of the most daunting concerns manufacturers face is formula management and getting actionable information of logistics, cost accounting, controlling, and knowing a list of raw materials that may be hazardous for human lives, environmental, and other related challenges.

With so many strict industry standards to adhere to, there comes the need to bring in robust and enterprise-ready ERP software for manufacturing industry that can help you meet your today’s and future business demands. The best ERP for manufacturing can help you in work schedule management, physical counting, replenishment, multilevel warehousing, and location management. This is where Uneecops ERP for industrial manufacturing industry in India becomes your partner of choice.

Benefits of SAP Business One ERP Manufacturing

Here’s why choosing manufacturing ERP is a smart choice:

Raw Material Procurement

A cloud-based manufacturing ERP software has the ability to predict demand. This allows manufacturers to maintain optimum inventory levels and undertake timely raw material procurement.

Inventory Control

SAP ERP ensures precise tracking of warehouses, allows quick storage and retrieval of finished goods. This gives operational visibility to the business from a single system of record.

Data-driven Reporting

SAP B1 presents the organization's current state in the form of interactive dashboards. You can act on data insights to improve the company’s performance.

Agile Processes

A manufacturing company can quickly identify and act on new opportunities through real-time reporting. That is how SAP ERP adds much-needed agility to the manufacturing processes.

Enhanced Productivity

Streamline your core manufacturing processes, enabling everyone in your company to accomplish better visibility over the functions. Ultimately, it leads to better overall productivity and profitability.

Types of Manufacturing SAP Business One Implementation

For ERP implementation in manufacturing industry, you can opt amongst two deployment models:

  • Cloud

    Cloud ERP requires internet, can be accessed by a web browser and is usually delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Using the cloud ERP deployment model, manufacturing businesses can collaborate on a real-time platform and automate their functions.

  • On Premise

    Run ERP applications from an on-site data center. On-premise deployment requires you to handle the application updates, software licensing, security and IT staff costs. It requires a reasonable capital investment along with ongoing system maintenance costs.

Who Needs Manufacturing ERP?

All businesses require the best ERP for manufacturing! Whatever the size or scale of business operation, ERP allows you to optimize and connect every step of the dynamic manufacturing process.

Small Business ERP

Small businesses need a single software to support all the work in a competitive business environment. A modern, cloud ERP such as SAP for small manufacturing business can be an end-to-end solution to manage complexities using automation and business visibility capabilities.

Mid-Market ERP

For growing, mid-market manufacturers, ERP software offers rapid deployment, built-in analytics and best practices for all business functions, including financials, inventory management, accounting, HR, and more. ERP implementation in manufacturing industry makes the companies more productive, agile and competitive.

Enterprise ERP

Large companies with global operations can grow their businesses with ERP for industrial manufacturing. SAP ERP is a powerful, modern ERP with embedded AI, machine learning, and analytics. It helps with data-driven insights that foster the companies to make confident as well as informed decisions.

Here’s how we do it;

Manufacturing firms across the globe trust Uneecops as their strategic business partner for one or more reasons.

Based on our understanding of business and technology challenges in the manufacturing industry, we propose ERP software for manufacturing industry as the ideal solution to stay ahead in the cutthroat business environment and curb costs significantly.

The Uneecops team works closely with the client to assess their requirements and plan a roadmap for their SAP Business One journey. Now, running your end-to-end manufacturing gets simpler than you imagined. Thanks to SAP ERP for manufacturing industry.

We also go one milestone further and help our clients make the most out of their investment with SAP Business One by showing them how they can Reduce manufacturing bottlenecks get faster accurate and faster revenue tracking with a single software.

It is a little surprise then, an increasing number of manufacturers of auto parts, consumer products, electronics, cosmetics, steel and various manufacturing plants are investing in SAP Business One to mitigate their business complexities head-on. Get set to step your organization ahead with the game-changing manufacturing ERP software systems.

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