How Tableau helps Manufacturing Businesses to Adapt to the Dynamic Business Environment?

  • 01 October 2020
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Tableau Help Manufacturing Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the manufacturing industry to a great extent. From demand declines and disrupted supply chain operations to declining profit margins, this industry has seen it all. But, it has also thrown light on key areas of automation and its benefits. To succeed in today’s highly competitive environment, manufacturers must transform their operations. They must know how to access, analyze and leverage a diverse amount of data that often remain in silos. This holds true for all manufacturers —whether chemical, aerospace, automotive, industrial machinery, or plastic products. With smart BI software, you can quickly get decisive results as compared to hours or days with traditional time-intensive methods.  

Tableau as rated as a leader by Gartner has been rendering high business value to manufacturers. They have been able to drill down to specifics and know which product family, category, have maximum production output and have major defects. You can analyze the root of the problem with a single manufacturing dashboard. 

Let’s find out more capabilities of Tableau in the manufacturing industry. 

Understand uptime at each production site

Now it is easy to analyze and understand the uptime of each production level. You can dive deep and bring together all key level data such as availability, performance and quality of machines and uptime rendering critical business information.

Determine warehousing capacity usage 

Tableau helps to discover actionable insights based on warehouse capacity usage. The BI software determines the inventory levels in your business and uncovers any loopholes in the supply chain. Tableau renders high visibility which means you can plan better and meet future customer demands. 

Quickly analyze delays across the manufacturing lines

It helps to dive deeper into the metrics which are causing delays in the manufacturing lines. Analyze cost, capacity and identify areas of improvement and efficiencies. Visualize data and predict hardware issues and build more resilient and agile factories.  

Equipment testing and QA analysis

Helping electronics industry manufacturers analyze data and make quality checks. The software renders keen insights and helps management to take corrective measures that reduce costs which are linked with internal defaults, inefficiencies and warranty claims. 

Manufacturing operations dashboard

The dashboard gives you a 360 view of manufacturing operations. It empowers your business and accounts team to view and analyze general ledger, procurement, order processing, and shortcoming or deliveries of manufactured goods. 

Detailed operations summary and dashboards

Review the latest sales order versus invoiced product and see order bank trends across all production lines and facilities. Analyze trends for each key product and examine the status of orders in the process via order date, due date or shipping date. Slice details by any particular product or holding status. Drill into specifics and know which products are contributing the most. Understand why there are some left out products. Drill into specific orders and know the probable reasons for unforeseen delays.

Tableau makes it all easier for manufacturers to understand and monitor their production cycle. It gives you key metrics on daily invoicing, latest sales order, overdue orders, analyze the production, sales and revenue data securely, analyzing bills of material impacts, precaution costs, capacity and help create more resilient supply chains. 

Willing to know more about Tableau capabilities as how it helps in project and production management, supply chain and sales management, multiple warehouse management, cost estimation, accurate quoting, and more? Let’s connect. We are a leading partner of Tableau having unmatched expertise and experience in deploying and providing end-to-end BI solutions in manufacturing space.    

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