How To Re-Invent Your Business and win the post COVID-19 new normal?

  • 06 October 2020
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The world is gripped by the Coronavirus pandemic and businesses are rapidly changing and hit by the rapid disruption. The spread of COVID-19 has shown us unprecedented challenges and a high level of unpredictability. With the uncertainties of the future, the business world must act resilient and lay the foundations of a seamless tomorrow. The isolation that we have all witnessed has rendered the time for self-reflection. And, as business leaders, it is the time to recalibrate our business by investing in something robust and enterprise-ready software. As we’ve stepped into a post-lockdown world, we have suddenly felt that digital transformation has never been so important for us or gained prominence. 

Preparing for better times ahead 

Many businesses perhaps including yours have witnessed significant downtime and razor-thin margins during the lockdown period. Every pharma leader, distributor, manufacturer, trader, and retailer is impacted, and while we know this too shall pass, COVID-19 would have done maximum damage already. 

What can be done to mitigate its effect in the business world? Now is the time to rediscover your industry and its needs. Before reinventing your business, you need to contemplate your business needs and rediscover how you can streamline your business processes.  Reinvention doesn’t necessarily mean you start it all over and abandoned all legacy things. It can simply mean adapting to a new environment, comprehending business needs and streamlining all business processes that can help.   

SAP Business One helps your growing business 

During such times, SAP Business One help minimize the magnitude of catastrophe Covid-19 has brought in each industry vertical. So, how SAP Business One helps business leaders step in the era of innovation?. A smart and centralized ERP empowers your growing business to accommodate your business needs. 

You can gain unprecedented visibility over the entire business operations. You can keep a constant tab on supply, production, sales and distribution activities. You can manage the intricacies involved in the global supply chain and distribution. What’s more? If your company does business in different countries, you may need SAP Business One that can provide you multi-currency and multi-language support in different countries. 

It also helps you to generate reports in accordance with the applicable tax, laws, and regulations and in the desired format you want it to have.  

Partnering with Uneecops- Asia’s #1 SAP Business One Partner

Uneecops is empowering all SMEs and other sized businesses to lead in the new era. We overcame the ongoing business challenges of our clients with this smart and intelligent ERP. 

Financial management: How to manage and automate key accounting and financial processes? How to mitigate inefficiencies and fallacies in financial reporting? 

Supply chain management: How to identify quality issues and keep a real-time tab on orders, inventory and supply chain demand without any errors?   

Inventory management: How to perform instant availability checks and track items in real-time?  

Sales management:  How can we gain a 360 view of the sales process from initial contact to final delivery and support? 

Preparing for better times ahead 

For your growing business, the traditional role of executing and managing tasks with spreadsheets and legacy software work no more. Leading businesses are realizing the need of having a robust and enterprise-ready ERP to deal with the time of uncertainty and protecting your business from the impact of Covid-19 for your business. 

Talk to our team Uneecops and discover how companies like yours are trusting SAP Business One Cloud and responding smartly with preparedness and resilience.  

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