How Technology Advancement is Bringing the best in ERP?

  • 17 May 2019
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Remember abacus? Way back abacus was the foundation for making arithmetic calculations. The set of rods on which beads were moved was the cornerstone of calculation. Times have changed drastically. Yet even as we move to the ledger, the accounting process was an exercise way backward. P & L statements and maintaining records manually are nothing but a glance backward.

Today, the accounting process is no longer simply maintaining records, it is much more than that. Real-time predictions and intelligence is now the need of the hour. This is a good thing. After all, you don’t want to waste those precious hours by just looking at the numbers. You would like to have more insights for making actionable information and forward-thinking.

Promising A Better Tomorrow

As a decision maker, you would be knowing the importance of real-time financial and business insights. The software that helps you envision the seamless tomorrow by keeping you updated for any future events. This is a drastic change as to how we used to perceive technology from even a few years ago.

Technology would mean primarily focusing on counting, sorting and other strategic tasks. This is evident in most bookkeeping and ERP systems. ERP systems were designed to keep a record and reflect at the time of need.

Today, with the advancement of technology ERP too has evolved considerably. With SAP Assistant Bots and predictive analytics and other powerful add-ons, we are experiencing a new and powerful ERP software that provides real-time reports, charts and helps a live view into what is happening at a granular level in your business and the next few years.

How your business functions benefit from ERP?

We know how time is critical for every business function. Be it sales, finance, customer care, or any other department. With a robust and powerful ERP in place, your sales team no longer have to rely on time-consuming manual adjustments- particularly with tracking sales leads and allocations. These audits functions have been automated and stakeholders are more empowered with intelligence and real-time insights.

Assistant Bots, Mobility And Other Technology Advances In ERP

Technology shifts within the sales and finance departments don’t stop here. The addition of social collaboration tools within an ERP also pave the way how business interacts with the software and get the real-time insights while sipping a cup of coffee and browsing whats app or facebook and gain the top insights with incredible ease and fun.

With businesses using and relying more on ERP cloud and using mobile devices to scan information in real time, we see a better and prepared future. Cloud-based ERP empowers organizations to manage and connect information from all core areas of the enterprise, thereby improving decision making and streamlining financial, sales, customer care, accounting, and all operational tasks.

Do you still use abacus for calculating things? It is great for instilling confidence, develop logical thinking, improve problem-solving abilities. But, when it comes to managing business finances and crystal clear insights, you know you would want an advanced and enterprise-ready software like SAP Business One.

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