Why Tableau?

  • 24 May 2019
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Business intelligence tool as we know is an indispensable tool that lets you easily analyze and visualize complex data in a fraction of seconds. Just imagine the ease with which a user can perform and run real time insights. No hard coding just instant insights for making informed and smarter decisions. But, before you can leverage all the benefits of BI tool, here are the top considerations for considering Tableau for your comprehensive business requirements.

Agile Analysis

Quickly transform data into actionable, easily consumable information and ask new questions on the fly with Tableau software. Tableau offers instant solution to the problem and helps users to gain instant answer to their complex or new questions. Some agile features include the ability to drill down to the granular level, and integrate data from disparate sources without creating any hiccups. One of the major advantages is the ability to incorporate new data without the need of a specialized team in a proper time frame.

Insights for Everyone

Make decisions and equip end-users with the insights they need, where and when they need them. Tableau helps everyone in your organization to drive changes and gain insights in real-time. Whether you are in sales, finance, warehouse, supply chain, customer care, marketing or any other team, you can use this business intelligence software and gain benefit from it.

Real-Time Alerts That Creates an Impact

If we talk about the next-generation platform, then Tableau comes first into our mind. The software makes insights appear instantly, making it easier for all business users to make an impact than ever it was possible. Tableau delivers the right information to the right people and keep informed as something changes. Now, with augmented intelligence, it is possible to keep a constant monitoring to let you know when an important event or risk is likely to come.

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Set role-based access and security

Your BI platform includes a plethora of information about your business which you may not want to reveal it to all. So, it is important to safeguard the system and control data with confidence. With Tableau software, you can have a full security control and set role-based security for specific data and dashboards.

It’s time for a new level of visibility and intelligence in your organization. Tableau software delivers the right information to the right people, as soon as they want it. Further, with Tableau augmented intelligence, it is possible to continually monitors KPIs to be informed when important changes or events occur.

Do you wish to partner with Tableau Gold partner or premium Tableau partner for your end-to-end requirements? You can consult one of our BI experts who can guide you well through your Tableau journey.

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