How You Can Save 80% of Your Time with Tableau software?

  • 07 April 2020
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The majority of the time which gets unnoticed in wrangling data, compiling data and creating reports from various means using different tools including Excel has been greatly streamlined and saved with the Tableau software. With the power of Tableau, business users can considerably save their time to approx. thousands of hours per year. For those of you, who care for the time and think Time is Money, Tableau brings major time savings which are awe-inspiring even more than 80%. 

With this newfound time, one can focus on strategic tasks and devote their time to everything that needs due attention. Insights are delivered faster and every team member feels empowered. Thanks to automation and amazing business intelligence software. 

How it works? 

Tableau, as rated by Gartner, is an advanced BI tool which is used by businesses worldwide to rest informed business decisions. With Tableau software, it is easier for businesses to derive data from the ocean of data and know just about everything happening in the business. Be it inventory, sales projections, customer risk models, survey data, the quantity of return items, batch processing orders, or so, Tableau makes it all easier. 

Further, the tasks that used to take weeks are now processed with incredible speed and in a matter of hours, you can identify big issues and resolve problems faster. The software also allows you to deploy insight-rich dashboards that enables all decision-makers and business users to respond to questions in real-time. This leads to more productive and fruitful meetings with more meaningful outcomes.  

Here are more reasons as to how Tableau can save your crucial business time. 

1) It’s easy to merge data from multiple files 

Loading data from multiple files is no more a hassle. Tableau facilitates you to connect to over 70+ connectors and with drag and drop functionality you can merge your data in one go.  

Above all, there is no need for coding. It just takes a few simple clicks to combine the files and start analyzing the data. 

2) Just 5 mins to create an interactive report 

It just takes a few clicks to create an interactive report. You can click on region-wise and the software immediately update you about the pattern of sales. In just 5 minutes, you can create the report after receiving the data.   

3) It’s easy to ask questions about your data 

Run real-time analysis and ask questions in simple English. No special coding required. You can ask any questions from Tableau as you would ask from your peers. It’s that easy!!

Benefits Achieved 

Nonetheless, to say, business users and decision-makers can save their incredible time with enterprise-ready software like Tableau. They can identify customer pain points with an intelligent BI software and gauge any issue or risk before they surface. Upon detection of any pain point or hidden opportunity, businesses can make the decisions faster. Further, remediate the pain point that Tableau has showcased by triggering alerts. Ultimately, customers may never find any issue as we’ve already addressed it faster with an advanced business analytics software. 

The bottom line is that the speed and accuracy of making business decisions are critical to sustainability and profitability. Those businesses who are able to save time are maximizing their chance to succeed in this digital era and meeting their customer expectations well on time. If you wish to know how Tableau is an enabler for success you can contact and speak to one of our Tableau experts in detail.

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