ERP For Dairy

Holistic Coverage of Milk Production Processes using
Dairy ERP Solution

Unlock new business opportunities and address some of the most daunting challenges of the Dairy industry with Uneecops solutions powered by SAP Business One.

Find out how SAP Business One for Dairy Industry and Uneecops are supporting end-to-end business functions from procurement to payment, planning to produce, ordering to cash and finance.

Industry Challenges

The global dairy industry is currently going through a period of turbulence and facing shifting market dynamics. It is witnessing:

  • New challenges and increased pressure for business model renovation.
  • Growing challenges in the milk procurement process.
  • Evolving production process and production scheduling.
  • Dynamic city supply process mapping.
  • Managing inventory level efficiently.
  • Limited supply chain visibility due to a number of isolated application systems landscape.
  • Complex and frequently-changing payment conditions.
  • Maintaining production balance sheet (daily production input/output statement with recovery %)
  • Changing regulatory requirements and stringent government regulations on food safety along with the pressure of improving operational efficiency and analyzing product profitability

Dairy companies must take a strategic approach to connect with consumers, manage the supply chain and collaborate with channel partners.

Responding to challenges in a rapidly evolving industry, companies are adopting dairy ERP Software in the form of SAP Business One for Dairy Industry for instant traceability and strategic benefits over the entire supply chain.

Introducing Dairy ERP software in India

If you have a dairy business, you surely deal with the perishable nature of products. When there are huge costs involved along with the pressure of keeping the products fresh and usable, there is also a huge amount of data involved. Accurate monitoring and reporting at the right time are most critical for better profitability. A software for dairy industry is the need of the hour.

Uneecops Business Solutions (UBS) strives to resolve dairy ERP implementation challenges for modern enterprises. As the leading dairy ERP solutions provider, UBS provides 360 support with regard to software for the dairy industry. From dairy ERP implementation to technical support and managed services, we are the one-stop-shop for complete automation services. Experience breakthrough dairy ERP solutions with UBS, undertake efficient data usage, minimize waste and ensure optimum growth and success.

Features of Dairy ERP for Industry Solution

Address the industry-specific issues posed by today’s fast-changing technology, dynamic customer demands and price fluctuations while complying with strict quality standards.

Milk Procurement Process

ERP software for dairy industry helps to maintain daily / shift-based entry of milk procured from the farmers with FAT / SNF parameters. Create multiple conditions for the calculation of milk rates (quantity & quality based).

Production Process

Enter daily stock of processed milk in production tanks / WIP Provision for multilevel recipe creation for different milk products like standard milk, curd, cottage cheese, buttermilk, butter, ghee. Provision to define standard fat/SNF for each milk product.

Production / MIS Reports

View the production balance sheet ( daily production input/output statement with recovery %). Quick and easy to estimate product costing for each finished / semi-finished items. Easily monitor daily / monthly performance report.

City Supply Process Mapping

Customized sales order screens for quick & easy handling of daily city supply orders on phone. Provision for accepting shift based daily orders with an option to replicate the previous day’s order for all sales agencies.


Easier to access Tanker Loss & Gain Report, Procurement Cost Sheet, Provisional Landed Cost Sheet and Production Balance Sheet (Daily Production INPUT/OUTPUT statement with recovery %).

Transport Processing

ERP for dairy industry is pivotal for maintaining location-wise transportation rate chart, individual transportation information, transporter invoice processing and MIS reports related to transporters.

The ERP of Choice:
SAP Business One for Dairy Industry

As business owners seek ERP for dairy industry, SAP Business One is known to streamline all dairy business tasks, from dairy merchandise production, milk procurement, chilling, homogenization, pasteurization, and so on. SAP Business One for dairy industry also integrates and automates stock, production planning & scheduling, product improvement, batch processing, costing, accounting, sales & distribution, compliance, and gives additional utilities of dashboards and reports for all the data needs.

Experience the Power of SAP Business One

Increase process efficiencies, reduce cost and ensure compliance with food regulations.

Asset Management
Asset Management

Keep a constant tab on your assets as products can be perishable in nature. With SAP Business One, effortlessly manage all your products and plan better to avoid any downtime and spoilage.

Bi-directional Lot Traceability
Bi-directional Lot Traceability

Know precisely the whereabouts of the raw milk from suppliers to consumers with SAP ERP for dairy industry. Effortlessly track wastages with Bi-directional Lot Traceability and Lot Recall.

Expiration Management
Expiration Management

Determine and handle product shelf-life efficiently with an expiry-based lot system. Keep hold of complete stock position, along with the quality of the stock, lot-wise with this smart ERP.

Route Management
Route Management

Smartly define routes on various factors like societies covered, distances, truck arrival time, type of milk, transporter, suppliers and vendors and contract details.

Quality control
Quality control

Set quality parameters with basic information for each stage like information for Cow milk, Buffalo milk, Goat milk, mixed milk or basic Fat and SNF contents.

Master Production Scheduling
Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

Reduce reliance and restraints on resources and time with a powerful scheduling solution. That's what SAP implementation in dairy industry can do for you!

UBS: Your Partner for SAP Implementation
in Dairy Industry

Unnecops Business Solutions is "Asia’s #1 SAP Business One Partner" and ''India's first Platinum SAP BI partner."

With a SAP B1 market presence of more than 60%, UBS has been awarded as the SAP Business One #1 partner for 09 years in a row. Our commitment and relentless drive to offer the leading dairy ERP software in India make us an SAP MVAR with over 100+ SAP Business One channel partners across India and the peninsula of Asia. UBS also has a decade-long history of successfully rendering implementation, customization, support, managed services, cloud hosting, HANA, and migration services for SAP Business One.

Here’s how we do it;

CIOs, CMOs and decision makers across the globe trust Uneecops as their strategic business partner to meet their business-critical challenges.

Implementation Roadmap

  • Uneecops conducts a detailed assessment of the company’s IT landscape and business requirements.
  • We create an implementation blueprint that includes the process and steps of SAP implementation in dairy industry.
  • Working closely with various stakeholders, we help you make the right decisions about ERP implementation.

SAP B1 Implementation

  • The team suggests moving to SAP Business One.
  • We offer multiple benefits, including auto generation of the weekly purchase invoice, weekly provisional landed cost sheet, daily / shift-based entry of milk procured.
  • Using SAP B1 to create complex reports and provision to manage multiple routes for delivery vehicles.

SAP B1 Customer Success

  • Our team can also demonstrate how SAP Business One can be a worthy investment.
  • We guide you to improve visibility across the extended supply chain, efficiently manage perishable products and avoid out-of-stock situations.
  • Be able to track and trace dairy products at stages of production, processing, distribution and more.

It is a little surprise that global dairy companies are considering SAP Business One to maintain product consistency, proper production planning and scheduling, and to comply with stiff regulatory requirements.

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