Introducing SAP Business One Starter Package – A Unique Product Offering For Indian MSME’s

  • 19 August 2020
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SAP starter package

Save precious time and effort by choosing the starter package for SAP Business One. Move beyond the manual spreadsheets, book accounting and standalone software that often inhibit business growth. With the SAP Business One starter package, you will address your day-to-day business requirements with finance, sales, purchasing, customer relationship management, and inventory functionality. 

So, SAP Business One starter package is what your business needs to deliver innovation, improve margins, and control over every aspect of your growing business. If you are a small business expecting rapid growth then SAP Business One Starter Package is for you. The software is offered at a reduced price, bringing comprehensive business management capabilities. 

Global Bharat program 

Global Bharat, is a program designed to empower the Indian micro, small, and medium enterprises MSMEs and become globally competitive. “According to SAP, 80% of the company’s customer base are of SMEs that have adopted digital technologies and witnessed exponential growth.”  

In support of the Global Bharat Program, SAP India is offering MSMEs their leading ERP for medium and small businesses through the SAP Business One Starter Pack on Cloud, available at a very competitive rate. 

Powered by SAP HANA®, SAP Business One has in-built BI functionality that enables you to make decisions without relying on mere instincts and guesswork. In just a few clicks, get more contextual and actionable insights to improve your top and bottom lines. With integrated mobile functionality, you can also gain on-the-go-access at no additional cost. The mobile functionality keeps you posted about every single activity occurring in your business. You can easily organize your tasks and create a to-do list, manage your inventory levels, eliminate the chances of stock-outs and gain key business information in real-time.

Support Global Move

Planning to spread your wings globally but the legacy system is holding you back? SAP Business One supports globalization moves with its localization capabilities. It allows companies to manage multiple sets of books and support international locations and operations at the same time. So, if you are operating in India, and want to expand your move in Europe, then this smart ERP helps you to manage it all seamlessly unlike any conventional system which works in silos. The smart ERP is localized and supports 44 countries, available in 28 languages and is used globally by over 150+ countries.  

Enough to reinstate how valuable this ERP is for a small and medium-sized business. Right? Let’s talk about a few more key capabilities of this intelligent ERP and why you should invest in right now.

Address your core business requirements 

Automate Financial Operations

Why wait for weeks or months when you can automate accounting tasks & conduct banking activities with one single solution? Maintain financial reports up to date and mitigate manual errors in filing tax and GST. Effortlessly manage cash flow and automate every financial operation efficiently.

Manage Sales Processes Flawlessly 

Lack precision and speed in managing sales processes from order to cash and keeping an eye on the sales funnel? Take the route of automation and manage the entire sales cycle from maintaining customer orders, performing real-time availability checks, viewing credit limits and tracking every lead source, potential competition, first contact call and everything.    

Manage purchase order creation to vendor invoice payment

Is capturing every single transaction and managing orders, receipts, invoices, returns and payments a big hassle? SAP Business One provides you with the powerful integration functionality to connect purchasing with warehouse and accounting seamlessly. With this ERP, you can have a real-time picture of shipping and billing information, orders, inventory, item numbers, unit of measures, prices and tax types and so much more for an efficient purchasing process.

Real-time Inventory Insight

Do you struggle with stock running out at the most opportune time? Do you have clarity on what all stock is sitting in your warehouse for months without movement, and going obsolete? SAP Business One gives you accurate insights on inbound and outbound shipments, inventory levels and stock location. You can anytime and anywhere run real-time updates and generate inventory-related reports.

Access your Business Vitals On The Go

Is checking your data at a moment’s notice a pain for your business? Is it causing a hurdle in making better decisions? SAP Business One empowers you to check your business vitals at a moment’s notice and understand what’s going on around you. SAP Business One empowers your business to gain immediate access to the most relevant information from wherever you are, whenever you need it. 

GST Compliant to Indian Tax

Worried about new GST that has rolled down in India? SAP Business One is your one-stop solution from accounting to GST compliance. It helps to stay compliant to tax requirements in India such as GST, GST returns, e-way bill, e-invoicing and TDS.

Digitally transform your business with Uneecops 

Uneecops has always been the preferred partner of SAP Business One for over the years. With more than a decade of experience. Uneecops is Asia’s #1 SAP Business One partner and one of SAP’s most awarded associates. 

Let’s quickly see what all benefits you will gain while opting for a starter package from Uneecops. 

Rapid & Remote Implementation Approach

Uneecops adopts accelerated and remote implementation methodologies to activate SAP Business One starter pack for you within weeks. Our SAP-certified professionals will get you up and running with our SAP Business starter pack faster. 

Easily scalable as your business needs evolve 

Are you outgrowing your starter pack as your business needs grow? Now upgrading to the full version is simple and easy. Keep your current starter package software and upgrade only your software licenses. Simply no software updates required. It’s that easy. 

Get complete and post-activation support 

Need basic support or advanced support for interoperability and configuration guidance and troubleshooting? Our support team will provide faster response time and technical support from our helpdesk to address your business-critical needs. Once you go live, we are around to provide you continuous support and product updates to keep your business application running smoothly.  

Run your business smoothly on Cloud ERP

Get the benefit of embarking on Cloud ERP faster. Gain access to the world-class datacenters from Microsoft Azure. Leave behind your worry of managing your IT and installing large servers and paying hefty pricing all at once. Uneecops helps you focus on the best while managing your Cloud application and taking care of IT infrastructure, security parameters, disaster recovery scenarios, and high availability seamlessly. 

Our Pricing 

Think your business is too small to run SAP Business One starter package? Think again. The solution is designed for SMEs and startups to manage their core business operational functions. Uneecops as your ERP partner can handhold your business and get you up and running in a matter of days. With over 300+ SAP Business One implementations across 18+ diverse industry verticals and over 200+ SAP B1 implementation consultants, you can rely on us to get the job done.  

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