Going Global? Why your business needs a smart ERP?

  • 24 August 2020
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If a company operates within a confined zone, it can usually carry on just fine with its existing software and ERP.  But, when organizations grow beyond fiscal zones and time zones, continuity is thrown into disarray. In a world of the global business environment, most companies do not conduct their business operations in one country. They are often demarcated by time zones, currency, languages, or region. So, what problems do companies face while working across borders? How can these be mitigated?  

So, in such conditions, where the orders are received in India, inventory lies in Germany, and head office rests in Australia, it’s useful for companies to bring uniformity in their business as many are still using systems that are not integrated with each other. There are disparate systems to manage each vital function of business adding to the complexity and clutter.  For instance, the Head office in India does not have the clarity to that of location B. Since each system talks differently, it is difficult to make actionable decisions, check and validate whether the figures are correct. 

Augmented need for robust ERP to support business expansion 

It may be hard to imagine, but many leading companies still have a fragmented business model that makes coordination and accessing real-time information extremely difficult. These companies would benefit from switching to a single and comprehensive ERP.  They can have a better view of the supply chain, automate sales processes, streamline their financial activities, file GST a per the government norms and do much more. 

A centralized ERP empowers your fast-growing business to accommodate the needs of your growing business. You can gain unprecedented visibility over entire business operations. For example, India needs two weeks for manufacturing and shipment takes three weeks. At the same time, one can keep a constant tab on supply, production and distribution activities. With this information, you can gain tighter and more realistic schedules. An integral and smart ERP is therefore useful to manage the intricacies involved in the global supply chain and distribution. 

Multi-currency, Multi-lingual and Time zone support 

If a company does business in different countries, you may need SAP Business One that can provide you multi-currency and multi-language support in different countries. The smart ERP helps to deal with local currencies and automatically convert these amounts daily. Yes, this is that amazing. SAP B1 generates reports in accordance with the applicable tax, laws, and regulations and in the desired format you want it to have.  

Best of both worlds

You get all the features of SAP B1 on the Cloud without even deploying the software and investing in large infrastructure and servers. You can save costs in terms of deployment, pay-as-you-go-model, hiring experts and ongoing upgrade. You can view real-time business information and dashboards from anywhere, allowing you to make confident business decisions based on real-time data. You are neither required to host, nor manage the solution yourself. This helps you to save money and concentrate more on your business, take important decisions and run your business efficiently.

So, now we know the importance of having a smart, intelligent, and global ERP. Thus, meeting new challenges of global business is within the reach of your growing business. SAP Business One has all the desired features and functionalities such as multilingual and localization capabilities that support your expansion move, unlike any legacy model. 

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