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  • 26 June 2019
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Are you a manufacturing professional who thinks digitization will change the way you perceive and operate your business? Today is the day. Customer demands are rising while new players are entering into the market turning up the heat. Smart manufacturers are using the latest technology to increase supply chain efficiencies, reduce costs, improve productivity, improve collaboration, gain real-time visibility, minimize spoilage, and increase quality.

This is an era of digitization where smart players are reaping the benefits of SAP Business One. To thrive and be responsive, manufacturers must be agile enough to predict fluctuating marketing demands, forecast better and anticipate better and respond to challenges smartly.

Here is the word of caution: If you’re relying on the legacy and homegrown system for long, it could be holding you back. Legacy systems may inhibit innovation and make upgrades a nightmare. Additionally, they require ever-increasing resources to maintain and large capital investments to scale. On top of it, these outmoded systems do not provide a clear view of the supply chain which is extremely important to manufacturers to gauge the scope of cost reductions.

If your manufacturing firm relies on legacy software, the cost of standing still is huge. SAP Business One Cloud and SAP Business One HANA could be the solution.

Distill actionable insights on the fly with SAP Business One Cloud

On-premise software is well known for its expensive learning curve. To grow and sustain in this dynamic pace, businesses need to look beyond these upgrades and embrace the technologies that provide manufacturers visibility and insight across the entire manufacturing landscape. To that end, many manufacturers are realizing the benefits of SAP Business One Cloud and gaining better ROI than on-premise applications. Cloud model can lower capital expenses, reduce cost with a pay-as-you-go model and helps you scale better as when you grow.

SAP Business One for manufacturing

SAP Business One Cloud provides a future-proof architecture that is continually updated, so manufacturers can adopt the most advanced capabilities without risking business continuity and spending resources on costly system upgrades.

If manufacturers hope to thrive in today’s highly disruptive environment, they need the right software for work schedule management, capacity planning, physical counting, replenishment, budgeting, inventory allocations and more. The all-encompassing software solution is designed to solve manufacturing challenges and help you eliminate unnecessary downtime, improve supply chain visibility, increase productivity and handle everything from raw material acquisition, product development, formula management, planning, production, quality, compliance, and sales.

SAP Business One Cloud and SAP Business One HANA bring a host of benefits to manufacturers in managing multi-staged production, performing what-if analysis, managing inventory to avoid waste and controlling costs and overheads.

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