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  • 17 November 2020
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SAP Business One add-ons

In this era of digital business, information can be captured, processed and represented in a matter of minutes. All thanks to innovative digital. At the click of a button, it is easy to send and sign an AR invoice, Purchase Order, AP invoice from SAP Business One, just like an email. How wonderful it is? 

The Covid-19 pandemic has surged the need to dramatically change digital habits and embrace new ones. These digital habits are here to stay and it becomes more profound when you are using a digital signature to sign important documents instantly. We know for any business, the sales team is the backbone of any organization. To ease their work and facilitate them further, Uneecops has devised a specially designed add-on for SAP Business One users. 

With the digital-signature add-on, say goodbye to all those hassles of ink, paper and timeless waiting for documents to reach in person. Digital signatures replace hard copy signatures and allow you to send and sign AR Invoice, Purchase Order, AP Invoice etc, to your customers easily.

Unlike traditional signatures, Uneecops’ digital signature add-on is difficult to forge as it contains an encrypted key that is unique to the signer. It can be easily verified whether the document is modified or altered in transit. 

List of SAP documents we can generate using digital signature- 

✅ AR Invoice

✅ AP Invoice

✅ AR Credit Memo

✅ AP Credit Memo

✅ Purchase Order

Send and sign virtually any documents in minutes

This add-on reduces the delays that often used to take earlier. It expedites the process which often used to take days. Add to that the time and cost involved in printing, obtaining physical signatures, scanning and routing the document to all parties. In today’s highly competitive work environments, getting through this process could be tiresome.

The downside to the traditional route to document signing

There are real costs and risks to companies that still run on manual and paper-intensive processes and transactions. Paper is fragile and destructible; further, it is easy to forge and misplace it. Uneecops’ digital signature which is integrated with SAP Business One removes all these risks. 

  • Save business-critical time. Help in bulk document signing 
  • Safe and secure. Widely accepted 
  • Make every document tamper-evident
  • Flexibility to sign anytime and anywhere
  • Highly secure with end-to-end encryption 
  • Incredibly simple and fast
  • No learning curve for e-signing 
  • Helps reduce spending on paper, ink etc.
  • Helps in social distancing in Covid 19 crisis

How Digital Signature Works?

Digital signatures use a standard and accepted format, called cryptography, also known as asymmetric cryptography. It is vital to secure your private key to avoid any possibilities of a fraudulent digital signature. If someone else has access to the signer’s private key, that party could forge digital signatures and use otherwise. 

Our Add-On works with an added layer of security

The entire digital signature process creates a “signature” that only the server’s public key can decrypt. This helps to validate the sender as well as the integrity of message contents. With Uneecops, fabricate the trust of sending and signing signature in no time with zero risks. 

Meet the demands of large transaction-driven businesses that currently run on manual signing processes.  Get hands-on and expert support to help you discover the power of this smart add-on from day one. Our team of SAP Business One experts can help demonstrate how easy and quick it is to sign and send documents digitally via SAP Business One saving time, efforts, and money largely.

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