Reimagining Manufacturing Business To Win in The New Normal

  • 13 November 2020
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SAP b1 Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has felt the brunt of the global pandemic more than any other industry. Supply chain unpredictability, distribution activities all have been suffered to their limits by unpredictable waves in both supply and demand. Manufacturing leaders have struggled to maintain pace in the new world.  The good news for businesses is that innovation is thriving and solidifying the business. Opportunities abound for opportunists and to gain a competitive edge. To harness the potential that new normal brings in– manufacturers are tapping and considering new technologies to fuel their supply chain, manufacturing, procurement, planning and distribution activities. 

Pandemic spurred the need for modern and lean supply chain 

With the sudden onset of the pandemic, things began to change gradually. It uncovers inefficiencies that were often hidden in the carpet in the past. In the wake of the outbreak, we came to know how fragile these supply chains were when confronted with supply and demand disruption. The pandemic also uncovered that manufacturers need to master a whole new set of skills to effectively deal with the impact it has rippled through the industry.

Transform Manufacturing with SAP Business One

Businesses dealing in Formulation, API & Medical Devices, are embracing smart and intelligent ERP to automate their manufacturing processes. They are addressing their pain points and meeting top priorities. 

  • Perform planning and forecasting to manage the rollercoaster environment caused by Covid-19 
  • Manage CRM, sales orders, inventory and production in a single solution 
  • Store bills of materials, description, warehouse, and item composition in easy steps
  • Allow you to plan material requirements for complex, multi-level production processes. 
  • Monitor raw and purchased inventory items, locations and quantities
  • Control batch numbers for incoming and outgoing products
  • Know in real-time whether raw material and purchased goods meet production demand
  • Can be deployed either on their premise or in the cloud

Digitize your business with SAP Business One 

SAP Business One helps minimize ongoing challenges and gives real-time insights to manage the intricacies of business operations. It renders critical business insights and gives vital information on production to daily sales, sales and distribution activities. The software gives a 360 view of your manufacturing business on micro and macro levels. 

And, if you operate in different countries, you may need a robust ERP that can provide you with multi-currency and multi-language support to manage it all. You can comply with applicable tax, laws and regulations. 

Towards a seamless tomorrow

For your fast-growing business, managing tasks with spreadsheets and legacy software work no more. SAP Business One is what you need to deal with the time of uncertainty and respond dynamically to the highly-competitive world. 

Partnering with Uneecops- Asia’s #1 SAP Business One Partner

Uneecops is empowering all manufacturers and 18+ industry verticals to lead in the new era.  Talk to our team and discover how manufacturing firms like yours are trusting SAP Business One Cloud and responding smartly to ongoing challenges.

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