Say GoodBye to Guesswork and Drive Smart Decisions with Tableau

  • 31 January 2020
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GoodBye to Guesswork

As a sales leader, you have been doing splendidly good to close deals faster. With each sales reps and area, they are targeting, you need the information to increase the likelihood of success. Yet after putting so much hardship and time, your team scrambles in closing potential deals. Some lose momentum and others lose it inevitably. What could be the probable cause? You might be wondering. The trouble might be resting your decisions based on inaccurate forecasts or mere guesswork. By basing your decisions on mere guesswork and inaccurate forecasts, you might be risking your sales team on impractical assumptions. So, is there any other software in place that can help you base your decisions on facts and figures? Tableau is a next-gen business analytics software that empowers everyone in the business to arrive directly to the point of decision.

Stay on the pulse of your business with Tableau 

Every single element in Tableau is intuitive and spur curiosity which takes users beyond the static reports. Easily perform drag and drop function and stay abreast of all details of what’s happening in your business.  The software helps all business users to keep a close watch on their business and help arrive at the information to understand the current situation and take appropriate action. For instance, as a sales rep, you can use quick search and understand the situation to take apt action. You can glean insights into the average sales cycle, deal sizes, and target the right customers at the right time.  

Imagine being able to take the instincts and gut feelings out of your assumptions. With Tableau, you can view the entire sales pipeline, get the exact information you need, right when you need it. It means getting timely predictive insights in the hands of the right people so they can focus on potential leads, close deals faster without spending countless hours digging out data.   

Augment the chance of winning new customers 

Tableau empowers your sales team to make smarter sales decisions. This is possible when your sales team can use a self-service BI tool and take corrective actions in advance to augment the chance of winning new customers. With accuracy comes the confidence to make critical sales decisions such as pricing, discounting and changes at the right moment. 

Make better and informed decisions faster  

As a decision-maker, you need data to rest your decisions faster. Tableau helps all business users to come to conclusion and facts without having to spend so much time diving in the data. Within just a few clicks, you can have a more accurate way to forecast in marketing, sales, finance, human resource, supply chain or other divisions.    

Better understand the costs factors

Is it possible to keep a close tab on each department with hundreds of excel sheets or spreadsheets? Now, with Tableau, it is super easy as you can facilitate all decision-makers to make key business decisions. This would mean keeping a close eye on which department or location is incurring losses and generating profits. This visibility helps you to make decisions faster for a specific zone and location.  

Explore and analyze- anywhere and anytime 

Get the answers to the most pressing questions in real-time.  Whether it is iOS or Android, Tableau offers an intuitive experience, responsive design, intelligently adjusting layout, information, and enables you to get instant answers and uncover hidden trends that would have been otherwise been lost.

Self-service capabilities make discovery easy 

Have any questions related to sales, finance, admin, inventory, profit or loss, or anything? Easily search, select, drill-down and zoom and follow your curiosity. Instantly shift focus to something that matches your interest. Every chart, graph, report, and object is interactive. Get deep insights from data such as key drivers and comparisons with drag and drop simplicity.  

Tableau is an incredible software and probably one of the most popular data business analytics software in the market. It stands out for its exceptional visualization capabilities, what-if analysis, advanced analysis, and real-time trends analysis. With navigation akin to Microsoft Excel, it makes it super easy to work for all Excel lovers. The software allows you to perform some complex data visualization tasks in a matter of minutes.  Anything is easier if you have the right BI software in place.

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