Should You Delay Your Move to SAP HANA?

  • 02 September 2019
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Are you an existing SAP customer who is delaying the move to SAP HANA? We are pretty sure you have your share of concerns or reasons for saying so. However, you are not alone who is doubting the move to this technology platform. We have come across a couple of customers who are contemplating hard or being indecisive whether to make a move to SAP HANA or delay its progress. Available on any cloud or on-premise deployments, SAP HANA can mean acting with high intelligence and analyzing vast data volumes in real-time. 

Let’s start by understanding existing pain areas and perspectives of business owners delaying the SAP HANA move.

1. I have invested in SAP Business One for quite a long time and we are reaping major business benefits.  

2. I am not convinced about whether SAP HANA will work for me. How do I decide which partner should I approach to discuss what is best for my business needs in the current and future scenario? 

3. There will be business disruption as many business processes will be re-implemented. This may hamper the productivity levels of my employees. 

These may be a few of the concerns of your customers. In general, your customer concerns center around return on- investment, business value, user acceptance, and the possibility for business disruption.  

For an existing SAP Business One customer, it is important to understand the value that SAP HANA brings for business. These customers can follow the below steps and achieve their smart move to this secure, future-ready, amazing and in-memory platform.

1.Begin with baby steps 

There is no need to believe the hype. As SAP HANA is mature and enterprise-ready platform to accelerate trusted outcome, you need not have to go it by all the saying. Every customer must evaluate SAP HANA in their business context and then decide when they must make a move.  

2. Define your strategy and roadmap

It is always best to assess your current state, and indulge the right SAP HANA partner to define the clear strategy and roadmap. These partners will help you carve a right plan and help you navigate the path to SAP HANA seamlessly just like Uneecops. 

3. Discuss the business value of SAP HANA

Once the roadmap is established clearly and all your doubts are well observed by SAP HANA experts, it is time to know about SAP HANA in detail. You can even ask for a demo if you are not convinced with the various benefits of SAP HANA it offers.

4. Start the transformation

Only once you are convinced about the benefits that SAP HANA brings in for organizations should you come in this last step. With SAP HANA becoming the need of the hour, it is never too late to engage with the right ERP software partner.  

Smart enterprises are migrating to SAP HANA to enable their enterprises for the better. The existing SAP Business One customers should comprehend the value that SAP HANA brings in and how they add value faster than any other platform. Next time, sales representatives visit you for SAP HANA project, you could take some time to sit and discuss the move to this business data platform.

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