Should You Outsource Your SAP Support or Not?

  • 29 January 2016
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After implementing a cost heavy ERP, this is the next tough question that the CIOs face. On one side is the strong expertise that comes with a seasoned vendor and on the other is the accessibility of an in-house team. The choice is tough indeed!

While the best approach is to have a lean team of in-house experts who work in tandem with the external support experts, it is rare that the CIOs get to have the best of the both worlds.

Here is a comparison of both the scenarios, just to help you decide better!

In- House


Cost effectiveness An in-house team of SAP experts generally costs more than outsourcing. A specialized vendor for SAP services offer support to clients through online support and ticket systems.
Trainings Investment of time & money. Training is limited to the few SAP team members. SAP certified consultants train a larger set to teams. Trainings are periodic and can be done for different system upgrades.
Business Processes In-house team would of course have a stronger hold on all processes and terminologies. Business processes and their impact needs to be communicated to the support vendor, time and again.
Update and Upgrades All the system updates, do not always impact a running ERP. Hence the in house team can be exempted from all trainings. Staying up to date with all recent features and upgrades is mandatory for a SAP vendor.
Solution delivery time Solution delivery can get delayed due to factors such as attrition in the team or workload priorities. Laced with deep expertise across industries, SAP vendors can foresee a lot of risks and take preventive steps to complete the implementation in time.
Monitoring and escalations Internal teams have a limited know how and more often than not, it takes long to address user issues. SAP consultants have access to lot of resources and expertise to address and solve different user issues quickly.

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