Why is Cloud the New Found Love of SME CIOS?

  • 04 February 2016
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The SME industry in India is an interesting case. It employs a major chunk of the total workforce in India (40%), yet its contribution to the Indian GDP is meagre (17%). While this clearly indicates the challenges that this industry faces, it is also an indication towards the huge potential that it holds.

As SMEs struggle with challenges like international competition, stringent regulations, unskilled workforce, broken supply chains and more, experts view technology as a key enabler. With programs like Make in India and Digital India getting active, it is now time that SMEs shed their inhibitions and embrace technology with an open heart.

Now, this leads to the question that which technology is good for SMEs? Given the versatility of this industry both in terms of locations, business nature and production methods, it is hard to find one system that would fit all.

According to a report released by NASSOCM in association with Frost & Sullivan, SMEs need solutions that enable operational efficiency and enhance productivity through technology. Automation of processes though cloud based ERP softwares like SAP, tools that provide real time insights and enable faster decision making  could help the SMEs in reducing costs and scale their business well.

Per the report, lower investment costs and easy to adapt systems are the key drivers behind increasing adoption of Cloud based or SaaS systems amongst the SMEs. With ERP applications such as SAP Business One now available on Cloud, it has become feasible for SMEs to integrate all business processes into one system, rather than using different independent systems.

It is not just the cost, but also the flexibility of cloud based solutions that is driving the adoption of cloud based solutions in SMEs. The CIOs do not have to worry about data storage and security. With even enterprise applications available on cloud, CIOs can now cut cost and complexities associated with conventional technology solutions.

To top this, the freedom that cloud solutions offer like anytime where access, collaboration, analytics and real time alerts is what makes them a hit amongst IT managers and other business stake holders. Unlike the earlier notion, this technology is easier to adapt and use. It simplifies processes and usage across the board and that’s what makes it a hit amongst the SME CIOs.

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