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  • 11 December 2019
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New Year 2020

New Year is approaching fast and we all have our resolutions and a new set of ambitious goals ready to be worked upon for the year 2020. There have been various studies and surveys conducted over the years about the New Year’s resolutions that have not been accomplished for some reason or the other. Either the goals that have been set are unrealistic or are too complicated to even be approached. 

So, rather than setting goals as part of your New Year’s resolutions, consider a different concept of empowering your business with smart, intelligent and enterprise-ready SAP Business One.  This year contemplate about simplicity to run your business to the maximum profitability and mitigate manual errors and instincts to rest your decisions.  

Let us now figure out how to start your year afresh with affordable and enterprise-ready SAP Business One. 

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning software designed for small and medium-sized enterprises to manage key business functions in financials, operations, human resources, sales, inventory management, vendor management,  project management, planning/budgeting, financial aspect and so much more. Trusted by over 70,000 customers it is the most commonly used ERP for the entire industry vertical.

Ideal for –

Retail Pharma Manufacturing
Electronics Logistics Packaging
F&B City Gas Distribution Oil and Gas
Construction & Engineering Trading Publications
Automotive System Integrator Mall Management
Car Rental Sports Education
Jewelry Travel  

How SAP Business One can be a great gift for your business in the year 2020?

  • Are you stuck with excel sheets bottlenecks causing unnecessary delays in execution?
  • Are you finding it increasingly complex to reduce redundancy and manual errors from your production lines?
  • Is it becoming increasingly complex to track and manage your production, stock, orders, and vendors?
  • How feasible is it for you to manage your contacts, sales pipelines, and opportunities?
  • Can you rest on your current software to oversee and monitor multiple business units and departments?

If you face any of these hurdles, then it seems a perfect time to gift your business SAP Business One which is easily configurable and designed to grow with your business. 

The icing on the Cake: This Year’s Bonanza

Refer anyone for SAP Business One & Get ₹ 1,00,000/- worth of services free for each sales closure.  This year simply refer anyone who you think might be interested in SAP Business One and get services worth 1 Lac rupees for each sales closure.

Services Include:

  • License
  • License AMC
  • Support AMC
  • Customization
  • Cloud Hosting  
  • Add-Ons

What could be a better gift than giving SAP Business One to your business? Now it is easy to track and manage your production, stock, orders, and meet the unique needs of business in no time. You can contact one of our experts to know what benefits this affordable and enterprise-ready erp can bring to your business.

Keep your eyes glued to the upcoming and most awaited SAP Business One 10 which will simplify the lives of busy professionals even further.

Uneecops is Asia’s #1 SAP Business One partner with impressive clientele base such as Maharaja Whiteline, Kings Koil, Gopal Corp, ColdEX, Cars24, Fujikura, Select City Walk, American Embassy School (AES) to name a few.    

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