How Food & Beverage Industry can benefit from SAP Business One?

  • 12 December 2019
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Food & Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage is a highly regulated industry influenced by consumer demand patterns. Think about upcoming trends such as home-delivered fresh meals, the possibilities to shop for vegetables, dairy products, organic products etc online. The change in preferences, strict government regulations, the growing flexibility of accessing the food products consumers want, when and where they want is necessitating the need for change.  

In the competitive and highly regulated food and beverage industry, there comes a need for a solution that can automate packaging and labeling, ensure compliance and meet complex challenges of the food and beverage industry. 

Precisely, the software which helps to-

  • View and track information throughout the entire supply network 
  • Preserve the right formulas for each product and minimize time to market 
  • Provide one version of truth to rest confident and prompt decision making 
  • Maintain consistent, complete, and accurate product information across business 
  • Manage product formulations and reformulations 
  • Reduce product costs by reducing the number of errors 
  • Automate workflows and ensure that specifications are aligned with ingredient and nutrition labeling requirements  

Let us further dive deep and know how investing in an ERP is a critical step towards long-term success in the marketplace.  

Records management

To comply with FSMA and other regulations, it is necessary to leave behind the paper-based and manual entry approach. SAP Business One empowers all food and beverage businesses to digitize their operations and manage records securely. With this functionality, you enjoy all the benefits of a paper-free office, trace specific batch information, capture batch related documents and retrieve your information at the fraction of seconds.         

Food safety audit management

F & B companies today encounter many audit scenarios which include customer, regulatory, supplier and internal audits. The software expedites the audit process required in this industry and enables companies to meet international standards. 

Compliance and quality management

One of the greatest challenges of this industry is to achieve 100% compliance and make high-quality and safe products while reducing cost. Without an integrated quality and compliance management system like SAP Business One, the ability to ensure high quality and food safety throughout the supply chain is at significant risk. SAP Business One prevents small production problems from becoming a grave one.  It also helps you to easily trace and access data, even at a granular level and protect your brand image.

Inventory Management 

Now it is easy to track byproducts, co-products, yield, wastage, expiry dates, and so much more with robust software. The software also helps to track warehouse movements that happen forward, backward, and on-demand.

Formulations and Bills of Materials Management 

It is surprising that many food and beverage companies have slow and manual product formulation process that often delay product launches. These companies are not able to respond dynamically to the changing regulations, new customer demands, and nutrient claims.  With automated formula management capabilities in SAP B1, you can respond quickly to the market demands. Companies who are missing out on business opportunities due to rising product development costs and time-consuming formulation activities can benefit from the erp software for Food and Beverage industry.       

We are buzzing with the word “digitization” which has gradually marked its presence in almost all industries and the food and beverage industry is not left behind either. To meet strict industry standards and win in this competitive era, it pays to partner with Asia’s #1 SAP Gold Partner such as Uneecops.

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