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  • 28 January 2014
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If one man can do a task well, two can do it better. Three can give ideate even better. And a team can execute it exceptionally well. But it is very important that everyone in the team works towards the same goal. Since everyone in the team comprises of people with different temperaments, different approaches to perform the same task and different communication skills, it becomes really important that each of them works in sync and smoothly with one another. Various teams make up an organization and for an organization to achieve the success it aims at, it is vital that these teams communicate well. This makes the exercise of team building really important. More than important, team building has become a necessity in the current times.

One of the most important reasons for team building is to ensure that everybody is working towards a common goal. It is very important that everyone on a team is ‘on the same page’. Even if one team member feels that he isn’t contributing to the common goal or if he feels that he isn’t being appreciated as much as others, he might slack in his work. This can adversely affect the team as a whole. A team building exercise needs to ensure that each team member is equally important and that everyone is working towards the same goal. This in turns leads to happy and satisfied people, happily working with each other.

The second thing that team building helps with is the communication within the team. Various team building exercises make sure that every member communicates with each other efficiently. Poor communication results directly shows negative effects on work and the overall performance of the team. When the team is communicating well, then there is very little to worry about when it comes to the overall dynamics of everybody. This eases out any case of conflict within the team too. If there are any conflicts or minor arguments and disagreements, in case of clear communication, all these can sorted out with less effort and that too without wasting too much time upon it.

Team building not only improves communication but also helps in building trust amongst the team members. There is no question of asking how important trust factor is when it comes to anything at all. In an organizational set up, trusting team-members produce better results in lesser time. When a certain level of trust is there between people, work can be delegated confidently. Since no one is dependent on anyone and everyone is confident that every member of the team will deliver as per the required standards, they can concentrate on their work and do it to the best of their ability.

There are many more reasons as to why organizations should put efforts in various team building exercises. Afterall, a happy team is responsible for delivering the best of their abilities, thus paving way to the success of the organization.

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