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  • 09 January 2014
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In any organization, constant efforts need to be made to enhance the efficiency of the system. The steps taken to do so can be considered as small or big. But nothing is too small when it leads to the growth and success of the organization. There’s an age old saying that you don’t need to worry about how you will climb the entire staircase. All you need to worry about is one step at a time and you will eventually reach where you need to be. Here, we are listing out 4 ways by which you can enhance your organizational efficiency. There are many more steps that contribute to the staircase that leads to efficiency, but these four can be considered as the start of that staircase.

a)      Maintaining Transparency

With information being easily available these days, it is advisable for the organizations to maintain a certain level of transparency with its employees. In each team, there is hierarchy through which information flows. When the hierarchy shares the same information with their team at all times, there are lesser chances of mishaps happening. When the team is constantly kept in the loop with issues concerning their project, a lot of minute, yet potentially damaging mistakes can be nipped in the bud.

b)      Re-evaluating ‘meetings’

Meetings have always been an important aspect of any company. Though it can lead to efficient results, the idea of meetings has changed constantly through time. Long meetings can be a waste of time and might not contribute to any productivity and achieve the necessary objectives. Long ‘meetings have proved to be distracting and less effective. The shorter and ‘clearer’ the meetings, the more fruitful they are. If your meetings go beyond an hour (or two), it’s time for you to evaluate the way your meetings are conducted.

c)       Planning and training

There is a saying that if you spend some time to sharpen your axe before you cut trees instead of rushing to the task at hand, you will cut more trees, putting in less effort and lesser time. The same can be applied for the corporate culture. Instead of just jumping to address any crisis, if some time is spent in planning on how to smoothen the creases and giving prior training to the teams will only help in the long run. The right kind planning and training can do wonders that one can only imagine.

d)      Automating processes

It is not fair to compare the way a man and a machine works and deciding who performs any task better.  Not adopting a right combination of the two can spell disastrous for your organization. Automating processes increases efficiency and reduces the time and effort that needs to be put in any task. This gives man more time to ideate and create more. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Guess, it’s time to adopt the necessary changes in your organization to enhance its efficiency.

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