The Top 5 Technology Trends That Dominated 2016

  • 21 December 2016
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Technology continues to make our lives better as quickly as possible, and this year is no exception. 2016 saw the rise of many new tech trends, and now when this year is about to end we thought that it’ll be good to take a look at top 5 of them. Let’s do that:

#1. Live Streaming

What started with a single app called Periscope has now evolved into a new way of communication. Live streaming is no more a complicated procedure requiring extra technical expertise and services like Facebook Live, Twitch and Periscope have put its power in the hands of everyone. Riding on the wave of increasing smartphone penetration and better internet connections these services are growing in popularity from a steady pace. And people are using them for many different purposes.

#2. VR and AR

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been the buzzwords of all time during 2016. With companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo and many others investing heaps of money in them they’ve started to become more and more popular in the mainstream. There are many applications of them, some of which include more immersive entertainment experiences, better way of learning and a newer way of experiencing things before purchasing them in the showrooms (as shown in demos of Microsoft HoloLens).

#3. AI, ML and Automation

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Automation have changed many industries drastically in this year. While their possibilities have left people around the world in awe, there has also been considerable hue and cry about the jobs being replaced by them. However, despite that AI, ML and Automation are growing continuously, thanks to the clout of tech giants. Just a few months back Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM announced their “Partnership on AI.” The elite club will collaborate to make AI even smarter and more useful – as quickly as possible.

#4. IoT and Big Data

Internet of Things is also one of the most popular buzzwords in tech community as it has got many interesting applications in home automation (smart homes), supply chains, manufacturing processes, infrastructure management etc. It continued to rise from a steady pace in 2016, and its rise has led to the rise of another technology called Big Data. For businesses and consumers alike these two technologies are growing in importance by the minute.

#5. Bots

Chatting apps got a lot smarter in 2016, with Facebook again leading the game. Within its Messenger app you can now book an Uber, order a Burger from Burger King, see latest news from Wall Street Journal and much more than that. Convenient, isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

So this was our list of top 5 tech trends that dominated this year. Keep checking back for info on more tech trends.

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