Upcoming Top Technology Trends in 2017

  • 02 January 2017
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Sometimes, a break from technology can help unlock the creativity inside you! Are you rejuvenated and ready to start exploring the upcoming technology trends for 2017?

Have a glimpse of it and start strategizing! You never know that these trends may help you with loads of ideas on how to use them in your life and make a good start in the New Year.

Smart home and products

Smart and intelligent things are the next big thing! For example, smart home. Smart home is equipped with lighting, heating, air-conditioning, TVs, computers, entertainment systems, security, camera and other electronic devices that can communicate with one another. They can even be operated through remote controls or voice commands at any point in time. Think about Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc. They provide you convenience at all time, regardless of whether you are at home and don’t even require you to be at a computer.

Internet of Things (IOT) will fuel the growth of smart cities

Cities across the world will focus on adoption of smart products like smart street lighting, smart traffic management systems, smart parking lots, etc. All these smart products use IOT to communicate information back to a cloud where this information is analyzed for real time and strategic decisions. Cities will struggle to find budgets, but adoption will continue and will help create data collection that will shape strategies of the next decade

Increased Cloud Adoption

As per the latest trends, these days cloud based technology is in demand. More and more companies are replacing On-Premise services with cloud computing.

Latest study shows that there is going to be an 80/20 plan for the years ahead. Which means that the business leaders expect to migrate 80% of operations to the cloud by 2020. It is going to be a remarkable shift!

Blockchain Technology

How do you feel if you get a secure way to record online transactions? Well, Blockchain can help you in recording all your online transactions. There is no centralized database supervised by an administrator. Blockchain technology involves a decentralized digital ledger recording transactions on ‘N’ number of computers around the world.

This technology is getting lot of attention because it promises two parties to exchange without the oversight or any intermediation from any third party.


You may already be noticing some of these trends. Some of them like Smart Home, Cloud adoption and IOT will become more prevalent. Technologies like Blockchain will get a lot of interest (which means you will hear a lot about it) but will probably not be ready for mainstream in 2017? Which ones do you think are going to impact you the most in 2017?

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