What is Business Intelligence Software and Why it Matters?

  • 25 September 2020
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BI matters

Yes, it’s true! It is easy to save 80% of your time in analyzing data and creating insights from it. Business intelligence software helps you turn those ideas into reality. It mines data at the speed of thought from large amounts of unstructured data, which includes images, files, email, video, and other business sources. You can uplevel your analysis, explore and discover the insights that matter the most for your business.  

With no programming required and no special technical expertise, advanced business intelligence software are easy to use with drag-and-drop functionalities. Your data has a story to tell and BI software empowers you to discover meaning within your dataset with data profiling and drill-down capabilities. It’s that smart!!!

BI’s rich and powerful capabilities remove the need to manage disparate systems to prepare and analyze data. One product and infinite possibilities.

You can filter, sort, group, visualize, drill-down and perform advanced calculations with this smart software. It also empowers businesses to weave their data plot them onto a chart, grid or other advanced visualizations for instant analysis. 

Drive Smart Decisions with BI software 

BI software can help everyone in your organization. It helps to- 

  • Gain high-end visibility into cash flow, profit margins, and operating expenses
  • Forecast revenues and transactions
  • Obtain cross-enterprise views
  • Uncover issues and new opportunities
  • Quickly spot hidden 
  • Uncover new revenue opportunities and patterns
  • Examine the root cause of delays and sales trends

But before you invest in a BI software, it is best to look at the vitals.

What to look in for BI software? 

  • It has to be as user friendly and accessible for everyone involved. 
  • It should render end-to-end solution that covers the entire gamut of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data.
  • It should be scalable enough to meet the rising and dynamic demands of a growing business.
  • It should have good connectors and integration capabilities to connect with one or more data sources.
  • It should let you quickly and easily search for what you need in real-time. 
  • It should help you understand patterns, relationships, and emerging trends that might go unnoticed otherwise. 
  • It must be a self-service solution which means it is designed for business people to use on their own. 

Let us know talk about self-service BI we have referred before.

Self-service business intelligence

The drive to make it possible to gain meaningful insights at any point of time without any technical expertise has given rise to self-service business intelligence. Self-service BI software such as Tableau empowers organizations to drill down and transform data in easy-to-understand ways. You would be needing a certain amount of training, and you will be get started in no time.   

So, instead of using your instincts or guesswork, self-service BI tools empower your dive deep into data mining and get answers to their ad-hoc requests and questions. 

Benefits of self-service BI tool

Customers have found great benefits and return on investment in self-service BI. Benefits include:  

  • Reduced lag time where users can answer their questions and follow-up questions
  • Faster speed to insight
  • Ad-hoc reports can be generated quickly 
  • Competitive edge in having timely and meaningful insights 

From healthcare to pharma, manufacturing and retail, and everything in between, BI software gives businesses the ability to deliver insights everyone can understand, and make critical business decisions. 

So now you know there’s a way to save the incredible time of business and focus on strategic tasks. Business intelligence software that too self-service BI empowers businesses to act smarter, agile and make critical decisions faster which is the secrete recipe of success to grow business profitably and sustainably.   

Uneecops is your partner of choice to render expert business intelligence software solutions. With 50+ data scientists, we have gained an edge in implementing, customizing and rendering expert BI solutions to meet the dynamic needs of your business.

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