Benefits of Pharma Add-On for your fast-growing Pharma business

  • 18 September 2020
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Pharma Add ons

Pharma companies are realizing fast that profound shifts in the industry necessitate a new route to digitization  There are many challenges that Pharma companies face such as meeting the demand for faster drug development, keeping a close eye on quality parameters and observing increasingly stringent regulatory controls, reducing cost, maintain formulae secrecy, expiry management, and much more. Not only Pharma leaders have to manage all these challenges but they also have to fulfill the high demands of customers. 

Keeping all these challenges in mind, Uneecops has introduced an out-of-the-box SAP Business One add on for Pharmaceuticals. Packed full of features, Uneecops Plus+ for Pharma is quickly becoming a strategic asset for all Pharma industry leaders.

Be it compliance, costing, expiry management, formula management, Uneecops Plus+ helps Pharma leaders to keep a track of sensitive information across all line of business. Built on SDK of SAP B1, our Pharma Add-On can use both the databases on HANA and SQL. This application is designed for SQL DB. The add-on is scalable and can accommodate the SAP B1 version changes. It can also be made compatible with the legacy system. It can perfectly sync with complex processes and can be interlinked with other Uneecops’s Add-Ons. Moreover, this add-on is scalable enough to cater to the international and ever-evolving business requirements.

Key features of Uneecops Plus+

  • It ensures absolute compliance with stringent regulations
  • It is now easy to perform real-time batch monitoring to make real-time business decisions
  • It tracks and authenticates inventory easily   
  • It helps to generate the Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR) and Batch Production Record (BPR) template  
  • It helps to track each stage of the batch process lifecycle
  • It is now easy to perform yield calculation at every level 
  • It manages production batch planning, shelf life and expiration date management, material- indent, formulation and dispensing
  • It streamlines Warehouse, BIN and container management
  • It helps in Stage-wise monitoring, Yield loss calculation and product costing  

This add-on is quite a powerful tool as it can process product, resource and machine handling effortlessly. It seamlessly gathers the historical and current data which can be fed to multiple analytical applications. Further, to meet the needs of your growing Pharma business it saves manual efforts by automating the BMR/BMP/BPCR processes and GMP compliance and run the entire formulation cycle to name a few.

Our Pharma-add on is- 

  • Easily customizable – Based on the specific industry of the Pharma industry, you can get a tailor-made solution. 
  • Easily deployed– This add-on can be deployed faster.
  • Easily scalable – It can be easy to upgrade and scale with upcoming innovations. 
  • Integrate seamlessly– It fits perfectly with standard SAP Business One and delivers desired results. 

Uneecops Plus+ for Pharmaceuticals can be useful for your business. It can help improve the market demands of customers and easily integrate with vital functions of manufacturing, finance, and customer relationship management segments. Willing to know more about this amazing Pharma-add on, we’re just a call away. 

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