Why Pharma Business Need an ERP software?

  • 18 July 2019
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There is a dramatic shift as to how the Pharma industry is shaping up in today’s time. Patients involvement are changing as they are becoming more learned and informed with each passing day. Now, there is social media everywhere and everyone’s voice counts. So, it becomes all the more important for all businesses especially healthcare businesses to stay agile and take a leap forward. 

It’s no longer a one-way relationship….. 

There is a marked change from years ago. This shift in consumer demands a change in the way the drug industry works. Patients are making decisions on the fly. They are actively using Google to know about what kinds of drugs they are using. The customers are highly educated and want to play safer while choosing any medicine or so. Consciously or not, consumers have stated their preferences about their medications in a way unlikely like past. 

This is fundamentally changing the way drug market is heading in the future. Companies who are already on the innovation front will have a competitive advantage. What can you do to ensure your company is a leader and not falling behind? 

How Pharma companies can win the trust of patients? 

Pharma companies should first solidify their foundation and positioning. They can do so by investing in a robust and enterprise-ready software which can streamline their business processes. So, this would mean Pharma companies are on the verge of digitization. They need automation to know what exactly is happening in Pharma business right now.  

Let’s take a quick look as to how Pharma companies can play smarter with digitization such as bringing in SAP Business One. 

When it comes to Pharmaceutical business, traditional practices and legacy software doesn’t work. The industry is replete with numerous business challenges such as mounting customer expectations, new drugs invention, reduced profit margin, a tight market, the need for digitization and strict quality and compliance. This makes bringing in erp software for pharma industry all the more important.  Precisely, SAP Business One helps Pharma business in one way or the other. 

  1. Batch planning – Auto creation of intermediate production order
  2. Automatic BMR / BPR generation
  3. Online Batch tracking at every stage
  4. Re-work Process Management
  5. Stage wise yield calculation
  6. Define routing/sequence for operations or stages
  7. Tag Machine, labor and required cost center at an individual stage
  8. Stage wise revaluation of product costing and its calculation
  9. Ensure absolute compliance to the stringent regulations
  10. Help take quicker preventive & corrective action
  11. Sample Management  
  12. Maintain your formula secrecy 
  13. Control costs by minimizing waste and inventory management
  14. Complete traceability by batch, item, and lot number.

The Pharma industry has already realized the value of digitization and how it empowers businesses. Those who will embark on SAP Business One journey faster will reap the maximum advantage.  How do you manage the ongoing complexities of your business? How do you manage BOMs and expiry dates of your drugs? With erp for pharmaceutical industry, it becomes a lot easier.        

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