Why Uneecops Google Assistant Add-On will soon be your travel companion?

  • 19 May 2020
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Google Assistance ERP

Today, we have an app for almost everything – making online reservations, locating restaurants in your areas or ordering a meal, or booking a cab. But with a high competitive curve, just an app is no longer enough. Customer expectations are rising, coupled with challenges and opportunities to manage different areas of business no matter where you are. You need to be action-ready and have all the information on tips. Given the intensity of competition, all C-suite professionals are looking for more intelligence and expectations are steadily rising from the smart app to provide real-time information about their key areas of business without any hassle and delay.

Business users are looking for more personalization and quick information where they don’t have to rush to the office to gain quick insights. Regardless of where you are, or when you need it, you can stay connected to your business and have 360-degree visibility of what’s going in your business. 

Welcome to the smart era which significantly enhances the travel experience of all C-suite professionals and business leaders. Instead of holding back to one rigid system, we could interact with just one simple app. Uneecops’ new add-on makes it is all possible. Within a fraction of seconds, know your top 5 customers, gain an overview of your current inventory stock, sales pending region-wise, open order value, liquidity status and so much more. But, yes with safety protocols.  This may sound too good to be true. One cannot help but wonder just how smart will technology become? It should not surprise you if I say a lot smarter. 

The add-on designed by Uneecops which is closely integrated with SAP Business One will not only simplify complex tasks, give you high visibility in your day to day business activities, but also behave like another human, a coworker would.  

It acts like a genie in your smartphone 

Uneecops specially designed add-ons Google Assistant Integration with SAP Business One acts like a genie and works as per your orders and facilitate you business information faster than the speed of thought. For instance, you just need to say “Ok Google”, Tell me about the current sales today in Bangalore, or any other region”. It will display results faster meanwhile you can sip a cup of coffee.  So, it altogether avoids the need for scouting through a massive number of files with no errors and time logs. It’s that simple and useful.

Enabling frictionless journey to insights 

Now instead of opening your laptop or probably a mobile app, you can ask your smartphone to give you detailed information on payment status, pending orders, sales orders, high profitability zones, low performing products, current inventory status, top vendor, or current cash position. You can have all the useful metrics in just a matter of time.  

Google Assistant is one of the most popular applications with millions of users worldwide, and with SAP Business One integration, it’s even more powerful and impactful. This add-on will act as a useful asset to all busy professionals who are often on the move and will be the best travel companion. 

Want more details? Ask for a free demo  

Eager to know about Uneecops add-ons? How it can make your life easier and acts as the best Travel friend?  Our team can show you how this add-on can benefit your sales team and senior management who are often on the move.  

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