How SAP Business ByDesign Helps Businesses to Thrive After a Major Disruption?

  • 22 May 2020
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During these times, we are facing and experiencing a lot of tectonic shifts in the economy and the turbulence that they have caused. We have seen a record number of companies giving work from home options to their team members for a definite time. We have seen manufacturing firms, retailers, malls, and other businesses facing the brunt of the crisis. We have also seen new businesses curtailing their operating costs and other marketing spends considerably.   

Given this time of uncertainty, every one of us whether it is senior management, top-line managers, stakeholders, business owners, or manufacturers or so must pause to contemplate and think about how they can come out stronger after a major disruption. 

Thriving with the right technology 

There is an instant need for businesses to make significant and positive changes in their business processes when it comes to sales, finance, customer care, warehouse operations, supply chain management, and production planning. A way forward is needed to ensure that business is future-ready and prepared toward recovery when better times come.  

The focus of all organizations especially mid-sized companies would be to act without any delay, responding with agility and preparedness, and coping with sudden shifts in demand and supply and be future-ready. The focus will also be towards vital business metrics and knowing each area of business profoundly which were not considered mission-critical a few weeks ago. 

As challenging these tasks may appear to be especially amid lockdown and social distancing, tomorrow’s most successful midsize organizations are the ones that have embraced the right technology such as SAP Business ByDesign and planning for the next wave of growth. That means having 360-degree visibility over your entire organization, synchronizing every business information collaborating better with each department, mitigating risks and acting on every opportunity as it arises.

SAP Business ByDesign building block for tomorrow 

How many times you being a leader or senior management have stopped and asked how data is managed and shared? This calls for the attention of all functional leaders to rethink as there could be a hidden set of opportunities and looming risks in data that needs to be explored in a timely fashion. 

But, would it be easy for you to replace mountains of excel sheets into useful business metrics? For this reason, cloud-based ERP such as SAP Business ByDesign is well-suited for midsize companies.

Cloud-based ERP is an enabler that helps businesses to perform the right actions and be action-ready and thrive after the pandemic crisis. It gives a unified of your business operations and provides critical insights and intelligence that decision-makers need to navigate the challenges and succeed in the post-pandemic era. 

Take, for example, a Manufacturing firm digitized their end-to-end processes with a cloud-based ERP. By bringing a robust and smart ERP in place, a manufacturing firm can make real-time decisions. It could automate workflow management, automate recipe management, supplier chain management, raw material management, and keep tight control of all quality parameters while complying with all norms and standards. 

Gives end-to-end transparency to midsize businesses 

SAP Business ByDesign gives complete transparency to midsize companies so that they can know exactly how they are performing. They could find useful business metrics and understand what’s happening in their cross-functional department, where inventory and in which particular retail outlet is needed. Furthermore, they can use the in-built BI in SAP Business ByDesign and learn about any flaws or discrepancies from the past and be prepared for the next strategic move. 

You can also think about any possibilities and be prepared when stock will run out, why your customers are going out to other competitors, or which department is showing a slowdown in performance. For a post-recovery time from a pandemic crisis, this level of insights becomes extremely important. 

Like other pandemics, this won’t last forever, even though it appears to be. At some point, customers will resume travelling, going to malls for fun and entertainment, participating in concerts, and so much more. However, all these activities will not happen at the same intensity owing as before. So, to run your business successfully in the post-pandemic era, it is vital that you invest in a robust and enterprise-ready ERP.

For further exploration of how SAP Business ByDesign can navigate disruption today while planning for tomorrow, you can talk to our team of experts Uneecops.

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