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How SAP Business One supports the financial aspects of your business?

How SAP Business One supports the financial aspects of your businessAre you looking for a tool that can manage every financial aspect of your small or midsize business smoothly?

SAP Business One, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, is designed especially for small or midsize businesses that manages and automates all the accounting and financial processes of your growing company. SAP B1 financials is an integrated package inclusive of key accounting processes, such as ledger and journal entries, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. This tool by SAP has the following features:

Streamline Financial Operations

  • Take care of all your financial transactions, such as general ledger, journal entries, and budgeting, and reports.
  • Customize dashboards to meet your business requirements. For example, dashboards can be designed based on the country, specific legal requirements, and complying efficiently with legal laws and regulations.
  • Set up alerts/messages/reminders to notify you for key information, such as pending payments, tracking customers who have unpaid invoices, etc.

Forecasting Cash Flows and Cash Requirements

  • Setup notifications work-flow based alerts notifying you of pending payments that are affecting your cash flow.
  • Easily track customers with unpaid invoices and automatically generate reminder letters for them.
  • Determine direct and indirect expenses and revenues, such as administration expenditure, marketing expenditures, financing costs that have been incurred across all your businesses.

Banking and Reconciliation

  • Track all banking processes. For example, cash receipts, deposits in banks, payments made in advance, payments made by credit cards, and account reconciliation.
  • Intuitive wizards allowing clearance of multiple accounts payable and account receivable, which can be based on your choice of payment method such as bank transfer, credit card, or cash transactions.


  • Manage budget creation, allocation, and distribution among all departments.
  • Provide full budget tracking, reporting, and alerts whenever any transaction exceeds a monthly or annual budget.

Cost accounting

  • Analyze the expenses and revenue of a specific business area in detail.


  • Create up-to-the-minute reports with ease. (balance sheet, profit & loss account, budget reports, etc.)
  • Use XL Reporter tool to create management reports, or dashboards to know about the key performance of your business, such as sales booking, year-to-date revenue, accounts receivable and open orders.
  • And, last but not the least, you can use Crystal Reports – the worldwide standard for reporting – for layouts, reports, customization and distribution.


SAP B1 does everything it advertises. It is an easy to use tool that can streamline all your financial operations as well as provides you on-demand access to critical real-time information.

How is SAP Business One a Game Changer for Small Businesses

How is SAP Business One a Game Changer for Small BusinessesOkay, so you’re considering an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution for your business, but are baffled by the large number of choices. You’re not alone – the market of ERP solutions has got quite crowded. But believe it or not, almost all those solutions belong to either of these 3 categories:

  • Cloud solutions
  • Locally implemented solutions
  • And finally, Hosted solutions.

If affordability is your primary concern, Cloud ERP solutions are the way to go. And we’re going to discuss about one such solution called SAP Business One. But before we learn more about it and figure out why is it a game changer in this industry, let’s learn a bit about why Cloud ERP solutions make sense.

What are Cloud ERP Solutions?

Just like electricity, Cloud based ERP solutions allow you to pay for them on a subscription basis. You don’t need to purchase the entire program and set it up locally or host the program on someone else’s servers. These solutions come totally configured, ready to be used with little-to-no setup requirements. Besides being affordable than other traditional ERP programs, these solutions also allow you implement and maintain them with minimum hassles.

Why is SAP Business One A Game Changer?

While there’re already a lot of players in cloud ERP solution market, SAP Business One has emerged as a game changer. That is for several different reasons, which include:

  • Competitive pricing: Thanks to cloud, SAP Business One is highly affordable. The subscription of this solution costs $50 per month for a Limited license and $90 per month for a Professional license. Moreover, it also saves you the money that would otherwise have been spent in IT expenses.
  • Built for today (and future): SAP Business One can be used not only on computers but also on mobile devices, which means you can use it on the go to manage your business. In that sense, it’s made for today as well as future.
  • Tightly integrated: It integrates all the elements of a decent ERP solution very tightly. It includes a CRM solution, financial solutions, management control capabilities and even manufacturing process control facilities – pretty much everything that you may need to run your business effectively and efficiently.

These reasons together make SAP Business One arguably the best cloud based ERP solution. You won’t find such a perfect mix of functionality with affordable pricing in any other solution.

10 Myths About SAP Business One You Need to Clear Right NOW!

10 Myths About SAP Business OneExpensive. Complicated. Hard to Use. These and there are many more (mis) perceptions that people have about SAP Business One, an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Here are some unknown facts about SAP Business One that would help you clear the myths and know the real value of the solution.

Myth 1: SAP? Only big companies can afford it!

Fact: SAP Business One is designed specifically to meet the demands of small and medium enterprises. It fits the budget and the needs of a growing business and scales with it.

Myth 2: It will not absorb data from my current system!

Fact: SAP Business One mingles with other third party apps easily and also it is easy to transfer and integrate all your data from your current smaller systems.

Myth 3: It is too complex.

Fact:  Well, it is not! With a browser based interface you can easily navigate the system. You can view and switch between multiple menus easily and get a complete view of all your data in a single place.

Myth 4: Implementation time is very long and it costs a bomb.

Fact: Implementation time depends on a lot of factors, including how important it is for you! If all the teams work in tandem on a well-defined plan, SAP Business One implementation can be completed in as quick as 20 days!

 Myth 5: The functionality doesn’t work after going live.

Fact: SAP Business One is one of the smoothest functioning ERPs – all you have to ensure is that you follow the best practices and guidelines to the T. It is a system that brings standardization to your daily operations and helps you work in a seamless way.

Myth 6: I need a huge team to manage SAP

Fact:  No. SAP Business One can be managed very easily. All you need is a good implementation partner and then you can run the system with even just one in-house resource. The cloud solution of SAP has added even more flexibility to the system.

Myth 7:  SAP Business One works only if all modules are implemented together.

Reality: One by one implementation of SAP Business One modules is feasible, is easy and less risky too!  You can go step by step depending on your business priorities and then expand on the core business processes.

Myth 8: SAP Business One cannot be customized.

Fact:  The standard system comes in with some ready-customizations for different industries. Moreover, you can implement different add-ons or custom modules to meet your specific needs on top of the standard modules.

Myth 9: I will always have to be on the system

Fact:  With real time email and SMS alerts you can get notified and even view reports on the move. SAP Business One also has apps that let you stay in complete control of your business even when you are away from office.

Myth 10: SAP Business One always costs more than planned.

Fact:  SAP Business One projects mostly come under budget and are completed on or before time. It just needs right approach and guidance. ERP takes time to settle in and people need time to get used to it. Rolling it out phase wise in a planned way, per the given guidelines can help you save both, time and money.

New Version of SAP Business One. What is New?

New Version of SAP Business One.Real time analytics, app like look and feel and an all new project management module, the new version of SAP Business One is ready to drive digital transformation amongst SMEs. Officially announced last year, SAP Business One 9.2, version for SAP High-Performance Analytical Appliance (HANA) is now available on-cloud as well as on-premise for general use.

Here is what the latest version promises to deliver:

  • Intelligent analytics- to make the data for distribution available to the smaller firms who want to run live.
    Analytical forecast is now possible and will be displayed with rapid dash-boarding functionality by the new update. This will help in effective material resource planning, which is a critical area of concern for most businesses.
  • New Project management Module- to help in monitoring the progress of tasks and stages, including all project-related transactions, documents and resources.
  • An app-like interface- give real time access to all business functions integrated with SAP Business One.
  • Better Prioritization- Using the real-time processing power of HANA, users would now be able to forecast product demand based on history, enabling prioritization of opportunities.
  • Browser Based Access- Also new in version 9.2 of the software is browser-based access to the ERP system. Which means that users do not need a remote desktop to access information when they’re on the move.

Update, reinvent and digitalize most of your business processes and products and enjoy the power of SAP Business One 9.2.

SAP Business One for Logistics

SAP Business One Add on for Logistics

Logistics is highly sensitive area where operational inaccuracy can result in substantial wastage of effort and resources. Most businesses find it difficult to manage freights as per vehicle category, supervise the ‘inbound’ and ‘outbound’ processes, and optimize routes, transfer orders & deliveries.

To overcome these key business challenges you need an ERP like SAP Business One for logistics. Having an SAP Business One in place means enhanced productivity and real time insights across all operations.

The key functions of SAP Business One for logistics cover:

Multi-dimensional storage locations: Complete warehouse mapping supported by unique area codes.

Storage locations: All storage locations are defined by unique parameters including location type, code, accessibility and more. This helps in expediting picking processes.

 Storage location capacity: Distinctly defined location classes help in managing storage location capacity efficiently.

Storage location stocks: Complete integration with stock management helps in getting clear availability of stocks and also indicates an available to promise number.

In addition to this, SAP Business One Add on for Logistics, helps in addressing all the key challenges that a logistics business could face. With a simple design and high powered modules, Uneecops PLUS+ automates various processes of logistics department.

Key features:

  • Freight/Rate charge management
  • Challan Generation
  • Sales Quotation Generation
  • Route Management
  • Consignment Booking Management
  • Incentive management
  • Lorry Management

How important is testing for a successful SAP implementation?

Software TestingA comprehensive testing process is critical to the success of your SAP implantation. Here are some pointers that you must consider while defining your testing program.

List of Business Processes: You must prepare a comprehensive list of business processes that are key pain areas. Test ALL of these processes with the SAP system to ensure that your business needs are well met by the ERP.

Deviation Testing: All processes have some exception scenarios. While the system may not able to handle peculiar cases without customization, it MUST have checks and balances in place to identify deviations from standard processes. Test the system with all possible If-Then-Else scenarios to ensure a seamless workflow.

Hello-Hi testing: Most SAP implementations bring different departments together and make them talk to each other effectively. When you are testing you SAP system, make sure that all cross departmental integration is in place and the info flows perfectly.

UAT: It is imperative that the users who have to use and run the system are comfortable with it. All users must prepare their check lists and do a complete end to end testing of the system.

Testing is a time consuming process, but make sure that you do not cut corners. Quality time spent on testing can go a long way in saving you from unforeseen glitches.

What other testing steps have you used? Share your suggestions with us!

SAP Business One for Publication Industry: Key Features and Benefits

SAP Business One for Publication IndustryThe publication industry in India is booming like never before. According to a recent report by Nielsen, the market is currently the sixth largest in the world and is worth Rs 261 billion. Per the survey, the Indian publication market would touch Rs 739 billion by 2020.

The study estimates a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 19.3 per cent for the industry in the next five years. However, despite these glowing stats, the industry still struggles with legacy challenges. The industry has no direct investment from the government and operates in an extremely fragmented manner. The scenario is even worse in the unorganized SME segment which compounds for almost 60-65% of the industry. Unlike big publishers, the SME publishers in India lack dedicated workforce and resources to map their processes appropriately.

In this scenario, it becomes important for the SME publishers to use technology that enables them to optimize their processes and reduce unnecessary costs. SAP Business One for publishing helps these companies streamline their processes and reduce costs to a great extent.

Why should you use SAP Business One for your publishing business?

  • Supports both, print and electronic publishing.
  • Helps in maximizing the value of IP rights.
  • Infuses greater operational efficiency.
  • Regulates information flow between various departments
  • Streamlines the task of managing Royalty Agreement & Royalty Calculation.

Key Benefits of SAP Business One for publishing industry:

  • SAP Business One for publishing industry integrates business processes, such as finance, sales, purchase, inventory, etc., and keeps them reconciled with each other throughout the production process.
  • Through a dynamic royalty agreement management and calculation, the system keeps the money flowing in the author’s direction. Multilevel discount mechanisms also ensure that the benefits are extended to each level, as defined by the management.
  • Dynamic Sales/Scheme categorization in SAP Business One helps in improving the publication process across the organization.
  • Automated approval and alert mechanism ensures efficient management that transcends branch barriers and consolidates the workflow on an organizational level.

Are you a manufacturer? Is plant maintenance a task for you? Still stuck to traditional practices?

Is plant maintenance a task for youIf your answer to any of these questions is YES, it’s time for you to switch to a suitable ERP software. With mobilized technology and changing working style, its time for India’s manufacturers to embrace technology for streamlining their businesses. This industry particularly, faces many challenges like maintaining their manufacturing plants and running constant health checks to ensure that their production runs smoothly.

Due to stiff competition, timely delivery to the client is of high priority for this industry and to meet timelines, it is critical for them to ensure that the plants run smoothly, with full efficiency. One of the ways to ensure seamless working of all operations across different plants, is to use a suitable ERP system.

The SAP Business One software powered with Uneecops Plus+ solution helps you resolve and maintain plants that will increase your workers safety, extend machine life and reduce expenditures on repairs while maintaining the quality and continuity of production.

Uneecops Plus+ for Plant maintenance is a robust SAP Business One add on that covers all aspects of maintenance of a manufacturing plant. From engineering, maintenance, asset calculation, to purchases, finances, billing, etc. it takes care of all functions that ensure smooth functioning of a plant. The software has been designed while keeping individual machines in mind, their specific checklist for maintenance, and other connected variables.

Uneecops PLUS+ for plant maintenance overcomes the challenges associated with manual internal and external machine maintenance schedules, tracking activities during maintenance, and keeping a track of the history of machines, including breakdowns, maintenance schedules, etc. The software enables tighter integration across all departments, such as maintenance, finances, purchase, assets. PLUS+ Plant Maintenance even allows strategic differentiation on the basis of plant setup, such as Organization wide setup, Plant wise Machine grouping, Machine Type wise grouping, and Machine Master setup.

How SAP B1 helps?

•    Empower business users with highly accurate business critical information.
•    Grants end-to-end visibility.
•    Utilizes an easy-to-use interface.
•    Helps gain proactive control of the business.
•    Adapts to changing business requirements.
•    Enhance decision-making and client satisfaction with real-time insights
•    Retain business information in a single system
•    Focus on growing your business
•    Make smarter and faster decisions
•    Affordable solution specially designed for small to mid-level organizations

How Uneecops Plus+ helps?

•    MACHINE MASTER– This module is specially designed to address minutest details of every machine installed in your plant. It keeps the record of every variable associated with the machine.
•    MAINTENANCE CARD– every machine is given a unique maintenance card that records information about the maintenance performed, start time, end time, breakdown source, AMC, insurance and back-up.
•    REPORTING– the entire data and maintenance information can be found here. It issues reminders for maintenance schedules and maintains plant wise history.

Uneecops much talented and accomplished service team makes above-mentioned practices easy and adaptable. Book your free Demo and experience how this solution cuts down your miscellaneous costs.

Important FAQs with SAP Business One

Important FAQs with SAP Business OneSAP Business One Implementations Services have been around for quite some time now but there is still a misunderstanding showing over the application. Many believe that SAP Business One shares the same features as any other accounting system but this is not the case. Further, there are many companies that believe that if their books are in order, there is little need to invest in SAP or any other kind of ERP applications. Well, there are some of the usual questions and their answers that should give you a better understanding of SAP Business One Implementations.

Is SAP Business One applicable to the big organizations only?

SAP Business One comes with an array of services that can further be customized to meet the specific requirements of an organization. SAP does indeed provide benefits to a bigger organizational environment, but it can as well be designed for smaller firms looking to streamline their operations. In fact, a large portion of SAP clientele belongs to small and medium sector enterprises that seek budget solutions.

Is SAP cost effective?

SAP Business One offers special packages for small businesses to exceed the normal expectations regarding flexibility, functionality and price. It is easy to implement and more importantly will reduce the capital required to maintain human alternatives.

Can non-trained entrepreneurs use SAP?

SAP Business One is extremely easy to use, making it one of the most popular ERP systems across the globe. It involves a very low cost of ownership supported by an effective solution.

Does SAP Business One update itself with the requirements of a growing company?

This is where SAP makes its use extremely applicable. Highly responsive to the changing requirements of a growing business, SAP Business One will be able to integrate more complex organizational functioning. Be it an increase in employee numbers or growth in production and logistics, SAP Business One Implementation will be able to handle the challenges with ease. Special SAP Business One Addon further increase the flexibility of the system.

How to choose the best SAP Business One Partner?

This relationship is vital to the success of your business. The reputation and experience of your SAP Business One partner could be the difference between the success and failure of your business.