Analytical & Reporting Capabilities for SAP Business One for SMBs

  • 24 April 2023
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Analytical Reporting

SAP Business One or SAP B1 is a cost-effective alternative for managing all aspects of small and mid-sized businesses, including finance, accounting, sales, customer interactions, and so on, to business analytics and reporting.

SAP Business One reporting and analytics tools give a strong foundation for businesses to establish, measure and analyze the data for making insightful business decisions and improving performance.

Many businesses find that SAP business analytics is a helpful tool for managing their business data and gaining insights that can be put to use. The majority of these SAP reporting and analytics solutions can be free of extra licenses. Plus, SAP reporting tools are simple to use.

Small to medium-sized businesses that want to stand out in today’s market must deploy SAP Business One. They must work with dedicated SAP Business One partners who are highly skilled in handling SAP reporting.


What Are the Key Challenges Faced by The SMBs?

  • Shortage of raw materials
  • Inadequate data management
  • Fund insecurity and inadequate cash flow 
  • Ineffective Recruitment and low Retention of Employees
  • Poor communication among the departments
  • Not ready to compete local industries
  • Low profitability

What Analytics and Reporting Means for SAP?

Analytics and Reporting is a module that enables users to make better business decisions by capturing critical data in real-time. Hence, it makes it available to all employees via dashboards and reports.

The SAP Hana analytics view represents the multifaceted modeling objects and is based on star Schema Modelling. Data analysis is done using a specific structure that is created by the SAP Hana analytics view. The major application of an analytical view is when we require aggregated data from the underlying database.

How Does ERP Software Help SMBs?

Running a business can become chaotic if the business needs for monitoring, controlling, and strategizing are dispersed. ERP makes business administration easier as it combines data gathered by various programs or business divisions. It states how everything is connected, what needs to change, and the best course of action.

Data entry is just one of the many duties that an ERP like SAP B1 can handle on its own. Automating manual tasks such as data entry not only saves time but also reduce errors. The features of SAP Business One will help your business in a number of ways if you want to boost efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of SAP Business One for SMBs

  • Achieve Operational Efficiency by Reducing Expenses

SAP Business One can reduce the expenses related to your business operation and administration by collecting real-time data and streamlining financial information. Enterprises use this information to control shipping delays and delivery disturbances.

  • Better Collaboration Throughout Business

Interconnected data and software are ideal for bringing more collaboration to the enterprise. SAP B1 introduced a collaboration with every department to build trust in the organization. Data from every department is centralized in a single location which makes cross-departmental communication more efficient while simplifying access at the same time.

  • Helps to Improve Productivity

This ERP tool enables businesses to send data to every department so that every employee of the company can access the same degree of information. SAP Business One motivates the workforce to bring out more productivity.

  • A Scalable Software Solution

Successful companies always plan ahead because failure to do this can result in irreversible setbacks. Whether you’re entering a new market or expanding your current customer base, SAP Business One provides you with a reliable platform that can grow along with your company.

  • Protects Sensitive Information

SAP B1 protects sensitive information, improves data security, and allocates the right data to the right person or department. It comes with built-in security, firewalls, and some other advanced technologies. In this software solution, the database provides secured backups of sensitive.

SAP Business One Analytics and Reporting Tools

For gaining better visibility, data analytics is important. This is one underlying reason small and mid-size companies are now implementing ERP software. SAP Business One excels as a top ERP option for SMEs when it comes to reporting. Let’s check out the key SAP Business One analytics and reporting tools.

  • SAP Crystal Reports

This is a significant SAP reporting tool.Companies can easily configure SAP Crystal Reports and tailor the dashboard according to their needs and a variety of business tasks, including finance, sales and others. Businesses can use SAP Reporting with Crystal Reports to change unprocessed business data into an intuitive dashboard that offers rich insights.

You may enhance planning and audit review procedures by integrating SAP Crystal Reports and carrying out operations, including data export, delivery system evaluation, and report creation and viewing.

  • Pervasive Analytics

This SAP analytics tool enables you to collect company data and obtain pertinent information without leaving your system. You can measure KPIs and gain real-time insights by doing this in your cockpit or fully integrated within the cockpit. Eventually, you can act directly without obtaining extra licenses.

Moreover, this SAP reporting tool offers three analytical tools that can speed up your business decision-making procedure by providing instant and fact-based solutions to business queries.

  • SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is considered an additional cloud solution listed on top of SAP B1. This is real-time analytics. Data from pertinent databases are fetched by SAP Analytics Cloud, which then enhances the data. It develops stories.

This SAP reporting tool allows users to collaborate and share stories and insights with the appropriate teams and users. Thanks to cloud-based authoring, you may instantly obtain business insights from a web browser.

  • Excel Report

This is a powerful SAP reporting tool that produces deep insights. Excel Report creates meaningful reports based on Microsoft Excel. This SAP reporting solution has a close relationship with SAP Business One.

Excel reports include grouping and filtering options and parameter specifications. It does not require any separate license. Practically easy-to-use Excel report designer tool that gets data from SAP Hana models.

 SAP Lumira

An efficient data visualization and self-service SAP Business One analytics tool are SAP Lumira. You may visualize the vast amounts of readily available data to get quick business results. Both data from Excel and data from other sources can be imported. Use simple dashboards for analysis, and then work together on shared data.

Furthermore, it offers the quickest and most interesting approach to getting solutions from your data. Anywhere it would help if you had it, whether on a desktop, server or in the cloud, SAP Lumira provides better-informed, data-driven business decisions. With tools like Drag Link, users of different ability levels may produce the reports they require.

Talks Ahead!

Evolution is happening with a pace that has never happened before. If you still need to implement an ERP solution in your business, it is the right time to introduce SAP Business One into your company. If so, it’s time to act and get things going. Employee enthusiasm for it is the first stage in increasing user adoption.

By making implementation simpler and more straightforward, our team of SAP experts can aid in the facilitation of this process. With our expertise SAP reporting tools we help in easing out the implementation of SAP Business One and transitioning from SAP B1 to SAP HANA.

The advantages of SAP B1 will extend beyond just your personnel. Your clients will also see a drastic change in your productivity. The sales team will have quick access to crucial data when handling client queries or inquiries because client data is centralized. If you want to know more, please connect with us; our certified professionals can address your business problem well.

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