Capture Right Wallet Share From Each Customer

Empowering the Leaders in Sales, Services, Campaign and Key Account Management

24th February 2023, 3.00 PM. Virtual.

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Session: Friday, February 24 2023 15:00 IST. Virtual.

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  • As a P&L Leader, do you wish to be empowered to drive business defining outcomes?

    As evolution empowers technology permeate more layers of business operations, integrated digital solutions have become an integral component of the growth fabric for most enterprises.

    Who Should Attend It:

    • Sales Leaders
    • Key Account Managers
    • Campaign Marketers
    • Service Leaders
    • IT Managers

    Featured Speakers

    Shrey Gupta


    Abhijeet Kate

    Director Uneecops, Cofounder UBSdigiCloud

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