5 Technologies That Have Taken Manufacturing by Storm!

12 May 2016 5 MIN READ

5 Technologies That Have Taken Manufacturing by StormThese tech innovations are rapidly transforming the manufacturing industry landscape…

Here are five manufacturing technology trends which are ready to disrupt and change the way manufacturing companies execute current processes.

Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Computing

It’s time for manufacturing to join the cloud band wagon. Though initially connectivity and security concerns kept manufacturing industry away from cloud, today a large number of manufacturing firms are adapting cloud to simplify data sharing across different plants.

By implementing cloud based solutions, manufacturers are able to reduce costs, improve quality and increase the speed of production. In coming years, don’t be surprised if you see all manufacturing processes sitting in cloud, comfortably!

Big Data and Business Intelligence

  • Big Data and Business Intelligence

Efficiency and productivity are the crux of manufacturing industry. Business intelligence tools that collect, analyze and interpret data real time can be of great help to the manufacturers. Custom dashboards that track each and every line and help predict probable snags would help reduce the downtime and associated costs.

ERP Process Automation

  • ERP: Process Automation

By automating processes with an ERP system, manufacturers can solve a number of day to day challenges and streamline operations.  An ERP system integrates all key business functions like materials and inventory, production, operations and sales, accounting and finance, etc. so that information can be exchanged real time. When accurate information is available to all departments, there is less or no chance of delayed production. This also enables quicker decision making and reduces operational costs.

The Internet of Things

  • The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is all about smart devices that can communicate to each other without human intervention. Manufacturing industry can use IoT to send and receive critical notifications and take follow up actions. This would mean that in case of a damaged process, the device would be able to send auto alert to another user or device, thus helping in reducing downtime and wastage.

3D Printing

  • 3D Printing

Application of 3D printing to different manufacturing processes has become a wild trend. In a short duration this technology has evolved impressively and is being used to produce different components using metal, plastics and other mixed materials. Forcing engineers to think differently, it has greatly impacted product development processes in manufacturing.

Newer technologies bring new trends with them. Manufacturing industry is ready for a massive transformation with these technologies. Which other technologies do you think, will impact manufacturing industry as much?

About the author

Nidhi Batra

Nidhi Batra is a brand communication specialist at Uneecops. She is an active contributor to SAP Business One community and loves to write on smart and intelligent technology which is redefining business models such as SAP Business One, SAP Cloud, Tableau and Power BI. Having Master’s in English from Delhi University, she follows Gartner and spends her time reading avidly about Artificial Intelligence, SAP HANA, Cloud, DevOps, IoT, robotics and business automation.. Tweets at @nidhi_niya

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