7 Things That Make Cloud Computing a SME Rock Star!

  • 06 May 2016
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Cloud has totally disrupted the IT landscape, and how! From a novice till couple of years back, to a MUST have go to model, Cloud Computing has become a business necessity. Here are 7 things that make the cloud totally awesome for businesses!

Great Flexibility:  Cloud is a pay as you go service and there is great flexibility in terms of how much of it you use. This lowers the investment risk for your business and at the same time gives you the freedom to choose and scale services at your own pace.

Collaboration: Cloud is a cool way to break the operational silos and drive business collaboratively. With most organizations now working globally, with remote resources and clients, cloud makes it extremely simple to share information and data, real time, for faster decision making.

Cost Effectiveness: Almost one third of the companies using cloud are able to reduce their IT spending by 25%, almost 13% are able to cut the tech costs by 50%.

Recovery: Unlike the traditional disaster recovery systems that required huge investments in infrastructure, cloud has made the recovery process lean and simple. This is a big advantage, especially for the small and medium sized enterprises who need solutions that save time and do not need huge investment upfront.

Auto Updates: The best part of cloud computing is that its servers work for you, but do not live on your space. Since they are managed by third party vendors, the system managers keep a track on all upgraded and keep sending you the necessary updates. You do not have to worry about your system becoming redundant.

Always-on availability: With cloud you can be assured of connectivity all the time. There is rarely a downtime, and most applications give a pre-notification at the time of maintenance or upgrades.

Mobility: Information on the cloud can be accessed through smart phones and tablets- thus enabling anywhere, anytime access. People can basically, carry their work anywhere. This means better work life integration and productivity.     

The cloud enables businesses to do more with less! Small and medium businesses can easily reduce their fixed IT expenses, while not compromising on IT capabilities. How has cloud impacted your business? Share your views with us!

Nidhi Batra

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