6 Reasons to Ditch Legacy Software for SAP Business One

  • 31 March 2020
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We all know how enterprise-ready, mature and robust SAP Business One is for businesses. Many CIOs, CEOs, CMOs, and decision-makers are willing to modernize their current business landscape with SAP Business One, and it’s not surprising to figure out that they are still facing a dilemma. The dilemma remains between the two: whether to run their business operations with the same legacy software or to modernize it with SAP Business One. 

The wiser choice says that you should not delay the move towards digitization and bring in SAP Business One for greater benefits.  Those companies who are delaying the move towards digitization are placing their business at a greater risk. They are staking and limiting their business with a stone-age ERP which is incapable to adapt to dynamic business requirements.   

In this blog, we will refer to how sticking to legacy software and delaying the move to SAP Business One can be riskier than you perceive. 

1. Increased maintenance costs

The increased cost of maintaining your legacy software and licensing cost often puts a strain on your budget. This money could have been otherwise spent on digital transformation or kicking off strategic initiatives. A business may never recover lost opportunities that could have been missed due to incompetent and outdated software that could not keep up with the growing pace of the business.

2. High investment on an aging platform 

You may be investing a lot in keeping your legacy software operational. But, is it going to pay you the long term benefits? Would you keep investing in outdated software for years to come? The idea is to invest in robust and enterprise-ready software which can foster innovation.  

3. Unintelligent use of the human resource

Legacy and age-old software often require extensive support and dedicated resources to meet its ongoing requirements. By embarking on a modern platform, you can shift the focus of your human resources on other strategic tasks.  

4. Limited Business Expansion 

Legacy infrastructure and systems often do not support complex business processes and operate in silos. This may limit your business from global expansion as you need robust software with a seamless management system.

5. Business security risk

Outdated software may create a budding ground for hackers and cybercriminals. If you are using an age-old ERP, it might not be that competent and safe from the security aspect. So, a data breach can stake your business operations and reputation. 

6. No in-built BI capabilities

Often businesses that use homegrown systems find complexities in finding data in real-time. They find it difficult to rest their analysis on experience and gut, which may hamper decision making. Further, this legacy software can’t support new technologies like IoT and AI, which is a need of the hour.

The ROI of the Next-Gen ERP

The real cost of the next-gen ERP such as SAP Business One is realized when you see your business reaching a new level of success, and:

  • Gaining real-time data and making quick decisions is no more a hassle
  • Managing the complex supply vendor relationships is no more a tricky process
  • Automating bills of materials (BOMs) is no more a challenging task
  • Monitoring expiration dates is just as easy as a walk in the park

The bottom line is that we’re in an era where modernizing our ERP is the key to make business progression in terms of profitability and sustainability. 

The Key Takeaway 

The pressure continues to mount on C-suite professionals and other business leaders to embrace digital transformation. By curtailing the cost of maintaining your traditional IT environment, you can invest in next-gen ERP such as SAP Business One to meet the business challenges smartly. 

Are you keen to transform your business processes with SAP Business One, but fearful of taking it ahead considering a large-scale transformation program? You must consult an SAP Gold partner like Uneecops to simplify the entire modernization process. You will benefit from dedicated resources, best in class services, decades of experience in SAP implementation, shortened project time and fast turnaround time. 

Contact us to schedule a meeting with our “Uneecops” executive. We are interested in hearing your thoughts about legacy software and helping you in the journey of modernization with SAP Business One.

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