Transforming Manufacturing, Embracing SAP Business ByDesign

  • 25 March 2020
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Transforming Manufacturing

An uncertain supply and demand environment coupled with stringent regulatory requirements, complex global supply chains, fierce competition and shifting customer habits indicate the WORLD of manufacturing. Add to this the intense pressure of today’s digital time, and it is no wonder that manufacturers are faced with a tough time. To thrive in a digitally disrupted world, manufacturers across the globe recognize the fact; the future of manufacturing will be digital. 

This blog shows a light on some of the transition needs of digitization for the manufacturing industry and how embarking on a robust platform can help meet most of their complex business challenges. 

Transition Needs 

  • To move from the legacy shell 

The transition process has never been easier. In fact, for manufacturers, the transition has always proved to be difficult. Majority of business owners are confined within the outdated business models, paper-based approach, excel sheets and homegrown solutions. Manufacturing companies that reinvent their business models and modernize their legacy environment have immense opportunities ahead.  

  • To gain actionable insight in real-time 

With such sprawling data coming from various sources (operational, assets, creditors, debtors, supply chain partners, etc.), it becomes difficult to lay informed decision making. The majority of manufacturers are drawing in data but they do not have the means of getting the insights delivered the time they need it the most. 

  • Security concerns 

Security concerns also necessitate the need of transition to a digital advanced platform. As a business owner, you have all the reasons to think about safeguarding your enterprise data. But, if you are using excel sheets and drive or any legacy software to store your data, you are still risking the security aspect. With the advanced technology and robust software, you can set multiple security layers and keep your data safe. When you move in a robust platform, you can leave aside any worry of authentication, authorization, data storage security, data theft or more. 

Think Digital 

The benefits of an advanced digital platform in manufacturing space are almost endless. You can successfully break down the data silos and enable all your manufacturing departments to work coherently. When you transit to a robust and enterprise-ready platform, all facets of the business from supply chain management, procurement, quality management, product lifecycle management, raw material management and workforce management can be easily streamlined.  

SAP Business ByDesign for Manufacturing 

Today’s manufacturers need smart and intelligent software that can provide them the traceability over their goods and assets. A system that can render the transparency over the entire business and empower their business to run on a large scale without any potential bottlenecks. To help manufacturers realize these visions, SAP Business ByDesign proves to be a holistic and comprehensive business solution that enables manufacturers to predict operational risks, improve product scheduling, workforce management, raw material management and much more with ease. 

Besides, SAP Business ByDesign works on a cloud model that provides added benefits as compared to an on-premise model. The cloud ERP scales without any complexity, cost and render best-in-class features and functionalities like agility to adapt to tax requirements, languages, and currencies for venturing into global markets.  

Partner with Uneecops to ensure SAP Business ByDesign success

Every SAP Business ByDesign project is unique and so is the complexity and opportunity. Each organization starts with specific budget requirements, and goals, so there is no fixed approach for every project. This necessitates the need for partnering with Uneecops with a diverse portfolio of cloud deployment and support

Our team will guide you through the journey and work closely with you to understand your business requirements which help to mitigate risks, reduce project cases and speed time to value. The team Uneecops has impeccable and well-established credentials in the manufacturing space.

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