How To Boost Your Sales Process With SAP Business One

  • 17 March 2022
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Boost Sales With SAP Business One

B2B or B2C; Small, Medium or Large; Product-based or Service-based – Each company exists for SALES!

The catch is managing sales and other factors connected with sales, including demand, production, inventory and more. Amidst rising competition, how do you thrive with sales success?

You certainly get good value from a best-of-breed sales management software. SAP Business One is an all-encompassing ERP solution for SMEs that can seamlessly manage all sales efforts. If appropriately leveraged, SAP Business One implementation can offer every business the ability to perform accurate demand forecasts, undertake effective inventory management and understand customer sales journey based on past data. SAP Business One licence lets you monitor existing and potential buyers. It provides critical information for reporting and analysis to empower you to achieve this goal. The key component is a master data repository to store information about sales and all other business functions. While SAP software can handle finance, supply chain, accounts, inventory management and more, this article explores the capability of the SAP Business One sales order module.

Top Benefits of SAP Business One License for Sales

1. Superior Customer Management

Every service and product serves an end customer. To keep the sales graph at equilibrium and scale sales eventually, the customers must be catered efficiently. SAP customer service process puts the customer at the epicentre of the entire sales cycle. With the capability to analyze the buying patterns and past behaviour, SAP helps boost sales, revenue and business growth.

2. Inventory and Sales Sync

SAP Business One cloud offers real-time access to inventory, a key aspect for a smooth sales process. With SAP B1, you can link inventory to sales, check products’ availability, and avoid shortages while meeting customers’ demands.

3. Creating New Opportunities

Every sales team needs to understand how to convert a potential lead into a customer. SAP Business One implementation can give critical insights, pivotal for developing a better sales pitch. The sales team can also boost leads with SAP Business One as they get data about the stage of the sales cycle a customer is in. Thus, newer opportunities for the business can be tapped.

4. Efficient After-sales Service Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables a business to maintain lasting relationships with its customers. After-sales services add to the brand rapport and are a great way to manage customers. SAP Business One cloud has built-in elemental functions for CRM and sales management. Your sales team can effectively handle after-sales, queries and warranty contracts. Thanks to SAP customer service process flow!

We have understood that SAP Business One can boost sales. But, how is this done?

SAP Business One Sales Order Opportunities

The basic process for boosting sales opportunities by using SAP Business One is as follows:

Step 1: SAP Business One customization for organizing sales-related information

SAP Business One software can be customized as per unique business needs. In the first stage, sales managers set up sales stages to undertake demand forecasting. Reports are created to understand customer preferences and purchasing patterns.

Step 2: SAP Business One customization for sales opportunities management

Salespeople specify and manage sales opportunities using SAP Business One. The software helps users organize all the necessary data in a single platform, providing a comprehensive overview of a particular sales opportunity. Identifying sales opportunities helps in strengthening sales pitches and increasing customer relationships.

Step 3: SAP B1 sales opportunities reporting

You get visibility into the entire sales pipeline with sales opportunities reports. This makes inventory management and customer management effortless!

Uneecops Business Solutions Helps You Leverage SAP to Boost Sales!

Uneecops Business Solutions (UBS) is a CMMI level 5 company recognized as Asia’s #1 SAP Business One partner and India’s premier SAP platinum partner. Having serviced over 500+ clients, you can rely on the SAP experts at UBS to service all your SAP Business One requirements end-to-end. From implementation, cloud hosting, migration to managed services- we can help you adopt SAP Business One to drive sales and all other processes

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