Covid-19: SAP Business One Mobile Application for uninterrupted business via work from home

  • 23 March 2020
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SAP Business One Mobile Application

If there is one silver lining during the pandemic moving of COVID-19, Corona Virus, it is the way how tech companies have embraced the idea of working from home and allowing their employees to stay connected and work without hampering the productivity and business line during this critical time the entire world is confronting. 

Amidst this tough situation, we see SAP Business One as the forerunner of facilitating information for remote workers. SAP Business One application lets executives, sales reps, managers and every business user to stay informed about the key business information, view reports anytime and anywhere, monitor sales opportunities and handle all sorts of sales and service activities, and much more.   

The application will help all users to organize their tasks and activities and even permits them to create their to-do list. What’s more? The app also gives automatic notifications that keep you posted while you work from home.  

Reduce the business impact of Covid-19 with the right technology 

SAP Business One mobile application is a great way for rescue for “SOCIAL DISTANCING” which the global economy is stressing about.  

No matter where you are, the situation can get chaotic so it is always best to have a “plan B“. For those unfamiliar with the application, SAP Business One mobile app helps all employees collaborate in real-time. It reduces the time spent on coordination, allowing diverse teams to be on the same page.  Those who want to know how SAP Business One mobile application works and how it can help deal with the current situation must arrange a call with Uneecops experts to know how it helps in these uncertain times. 

With SAP Business One mobile application, you can arrange daily activities and get real time updates on business lines from any device anytime and anywhere. Moreover, with the specially designed add-on by Uneecops “Google Assistant integration with SAP Business One” scanning information on the fly becomes even more possible. Within just a few seconds, you can ask Alexa or Siri, the vital questions on inventory and price lists, bills of materials (BOMs), sales quotations, sales orders, or top 5 business customers or just about anything without your physical presence at the office.  

The time is tough and we all should stand together to face a tough time. The first step that needs to be done today is self-isolation and working from home. Social distancing is important as Covid-19 commonly called the Corona Virus situation continues to evolve. SAP Business One mobile App has enabled all users the flexibility to stay agile and be productive even in the midst of a global crisis. Businesses can have complete visibility over their entire operations and work collaboratively. Organizations that are prepared and have the best technology will find it easier to face this challenging time. 

If you wish to have one-on-one conversations with how you can use SAP Business One in the Corona Virus pandemic and stay competitive, then the Uneecops team is just a call away.  

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