How Construction Leaders are maintaining a competitive edge with SAP Business One?

  • 20 March 2020
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Construction Leaders

The construction business continues to grow at a fast pace and is showing no slowdown. The opportunities in the construction industry are steadily rising, and so the complexity and need for managing multiple challenges- minimizing supply chain costs, raw materials costs, managing countless documents, contractor relationships and responding dynamically to the business. 

However, there are reasons to be optimistic. Digitization is transforming the industry like never before and automating various operations of construction firms to improve margins and achieve their operational efficiencies. Those construction firms who want to invest in digital transformation are expected to be the winners here.  

So how digital transformation helps the construction business move towards a Better World- Smarter and Connected. 


Manual Sheets – Disconnected processes- Low efficiency and high-risk environment


Eliminating work through automation- Real-time reporting- Smart Decisions- Seamless Future

To win in this new digital era, every business must act smarter and break down the silos which were hampering the business.

In this blog, we will talk about a few capabilities that ERP software can bring for your construction business. 

Raw Materials Management 

Avoid overstock and understock situations. Keep a track of purchase operations from raw material to final products without any downside. You can also segregate material management to quantity planning, budgeting and storage, procurement scheduling and more.  Everything can be managed flawlessly when you have the smart ERP in place. 

Sourcing & Procurement

Make a precise recall of sourcing and procurement with SAP Business One. Easily plan and forecast better with the smart software. Procurement solutions standardize, streamline, and automate traditionally manual processes. As a result, purchase approvals have improved substantially and resources are freed up for other strategic activities. 

Financial Management 

Stay compliant with construction industry norms and manage tax deductions when making payments to subcontractors. Easily forecast and get credit evaluation and manage invoices and e-billing. 


Processing invoices can be error-prone and time-consuming. A robust ERP software streamlines and automates this critical business function. This helps you to keep costs under control. 

In-Built Intelligence 

Render real-time results, reports, and dashboards that foster quick decision making on the fly. Easy to view project schedules and costs will give you the exact details of your project whereabouts.  

One Unified System

Now it is easy to record every business transaction and document in a single and unified system. Maintain a record of all invoices, suppliers details, bills of materials, with one robust software. Gain a 360 view of your business and be in the know anytime and anywhere with SAP Business One mobile application.  

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